Monday, July 18, 2011

Birthday Blocks

This design is not mine, but just another absolutely FABULOUS project I found at the Wood Connection in Salt Lake while on vacation.  It is my Super Saturday idea #2.  I have been working like a dog all the last week on #3 and will hopefully have that for you tomorrow, but until then, you can check this guy out!!!

The wood kit was for sale for something like $10.50, even the dowels included.  The vinyl was $6.75.  I had a gift to return so mine was a free exchange *SCORE*
I painted the blocks just like the store's sample: Lime green base, brown blocks.  I chose to paint instead of stain the "Happy" blocks brown.  I think it is easier myself, plus less messy and less stinky, but do what you like best.  
All that I had left to do was modge podge the papers to the blocks and glitter the balloons...and tie on the ribbons once the vinyl was in place.  All together this project took less than 2 hours and was a 2 on a 1-10 stress scale.

They have all the paint, papers, and ribbon for sale there in the store.  I failed to buy the ribbons they had in the sample and had to rummage through my endless bin of ribbon scraps instead.  Don't you just love how nothing in your own house is as cute as whatever the store chose to use :0)  We have that problem with Super Saturday too.  Inevitably there will be some paper or ribbon I can't find when the magical day arrives, so if I don't re-make the sample with my replacement items, groans of bewilderment will fill the air due to the change in adornment.  

Whatever the case, as always, I LOVE the Wood Connection in Salt Lake.  They have a website and a blog.  Last time I contacted them, they did ship some things, but I am not sure if they still offer shipping services.  If you will be in the area you can pick up you order, but be aware that they have special requests for large orders.  You can read more about making a large order for pick-up HERE. 

So, if you are interested in this kit, GIVE THE WOOD CONNECTION A CALL!!! or, if you live by me :0)  you can give me a call!!!!  Super Saturday will be in September and I CAN'T WAIT!


  1. Love this paper! Do you know who it was by??

    1. ice cream cone pattern is SUMMER DAYS by Bella Road Item #SD14005 Echo Park Paper Company


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