Thursday, July 21, 2011

ONE Week in Kenya

I wanted tell you about a great thing that is happening this next week. has teamed up with ONE, an organization raising awareness of the devastating conditions that exist in Africa, and they are hitting the streets of Africa with 10 mom bloggers to give you a first hand look at what is going on over there.  For "ONE" Week, they will be learning, in intense, hands-on ways, about issues that women in Africa - especially moms - face.  You can sign up and also read daily updates from the ground in Kenya at ONE's website.
You can also follow personal posts and updates about the trip at the "ONE Mom Can Make A Difference" Circle in, now and during the trip, July 23-30.

Here is the description of the week long event from the ONE website:

"African women are leading a movement. They are the driving force behind Africa's economy, and mothers in particular have an enormous impact on the future of Africa. ONE Week is a week long social media event following 10 bloggers making their way through Kenya with ONE from July 23rd-30th to see what life is really like for moms in the developing world. We know not everyone can go to Africa, but through daily email updates straight from these moms, daily actions tied to their trips and access to experts who can explain the key issues these women will see firsthand, you can follow their journey and share this information with your community - for ONE week. Together we can shine a spotlight on the success and challenges that accompany the fight to end extreme poverty and preventable disease around the world. Get educated, engaged, and activated. Use your voice on behalf of the world's poorest. It just takes ONE mom."

If you get the chance, follow along the amazing trek of these fellow moms as they discover and learn how to make a difference.

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