Sunday, July 31, 2011

Spruce Up Your Lunch

Eli came in tonight begging me to pull up the Phineas and Ferb sandwiches I pinned on Pintrest the other day. Through a series of clicks, I ended up at the maker's own site.  Susan Yuen is the author of the blog  Hawai`i's Bento Box Cookbook, Bentos and More for Kids.

Not only does she have Phineas and Ferb, but she has Perry the Platypus, and just about everyone else from the well loved kids show.  Thank you Susan.  You have just raised the school lunch bar just a little too high for comfort :0)
My kids are going to a new charter school this year and now expect me to make these for them!

When you get the chance, check out her site.  You will find many more designs.  Here are a few that caught my eye... 
Surfer dude...we can eat these in our tiki bathroom, aye?

Packman.  I think we can make this for Dad, for two reasons really.  One- because it is awesome, and two- because the guys in the lunchroom would never let him live it down!  

So cute.  This one is for Emmalee.  She is obsessed with pink...and flowers...and cute.  Yep, totally Emmalee.

This one is for Madison.  She hates sandwiches.  I think she would love a riceball instead...especially if it stares back up at her with a cute little smiley face.  She better not hold her breath for oven baked chicken wings though.  Mom doesn't love her THAT much :0)

I am relieved to know that they actually sell punches for the cute little faces she makes.  How cute!
I just might be able to pop out a rice ball face or two after all! They are called Nori Punches and can be purchased HERE and HERE, among other places.

Susan authored this book...

and this book.  
You can buy them and start creating with food for your cute little school-bound babes today!!!  
Wish my kids luck.  I haven't decided if they are that privileged yet :0)

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