Sunday, July 10, 2011

We're Back!

I literally just walked in the door.  Our vacation was far more than necessary, but after almost 3 weeks, I am soooo ready to be home.  My cell phone broke the day we pulled out of the driveway and there was not a working computer in a single home I entered.  Therefore, I am suffering from the hugest technology withdrawal I have every experienced.  I may just lay here atop the keyboard for a moment and gently caress the keys :0)  A few sweet nothings may escape my lips.  I have very little control in this moment of weakness.

With more than 800 photos to cruise through before I can show you what adventures were had, I may need a few days.  But I tell you what, I made more than 7 darling purses on my trip.  How about I see you here tomorrow and I will give you the 411 on how incredibly easy they are to make?!?

Until then, enjoy each and every tech-loven' moment you can!  A good, solid, well working Internet surfing tool should NEVER be taken for granted!!!

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