Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Family Is Everything Board

Well, we are going big this year with Super Saturday :0)
This fabulous board will be one of our projects.  I saw it on a blog someone emailed me last year.  I earmarked the site to come back to because I loved this magnet board so very much.
Now, when I tell you it's big...I mean it!  I personally don't care because I have been wanting a large board to hang all those photos you normally throw on the fridge, but even I am now trying to figure out where exactly to hang it.  Before I start moving furniture, let me give you the 4-1-1 on the project.

We are cutting the board from 1/2" MDF.  It was decided that sawtooth picture hangers will be part of the deal since people never know how to go about hanging these kinds of things.
The current measurements are 42" long and 12" high.  The metal is 40" long and 8" high.
Some concern was voiced about how big he is.  I am now debating about making it smaller and offering only that size, offering two sizes, or only offering the big one...or maybe we will just hold off until next year because I can't make up my mind about which project to cut from our very long list.  Whatever is decided, I am fine.  
I already have mine :0}
The smaller sign would measure 32" x 12" and the metal will be cut to 30x8".  Ugggh.  Decisions, decisions.  

As for putting the project together, it should be rather simple.  Paint the whole thing black, let it dry, apply E6000 glue to the back of the metal.  That glue specifies that you press the metal into place, squish it down all over, then take it off and let the glue cure for 2-10 minutes.  I am so very impatient and can never wait the 10 minutes {unless in need of a potty break}.  I usually give the curing 2 minutes and then press the metal back in place.  Once that is done, apply the vinyl and you are finished!  The magnets are not part of the deal.  I totally love them, but daisies are spring flowers and guess what?  They don't sell them any more!  I was at Michaels and went to grab another of their $1.99 bushes of white daisies...No more!  What, do you ask, was in their place?  Christmas Village stuff!!!!  Yep.  In July!
I think Hobby Lobby sells the daises year round, but again, I don't care because I have mine :0)
How is that for insensitive?
Anyway, Super Saturday Project Idea number 5, Family Is Everything.  Don't you just love that quote!


  1. I would totally do the BIG one and hang it behind the couch =o) The daisies are cute, but I think I would probably change them out with the seasons. I love this! I came over via Pinterest..lol..now I'm signed up for email =O) I think I might make one of these for my dd's room (with a different saying of course) for her Youth conf,EFY, girl's camp pictures!Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. That is a great idea! Thanks for sharing :0)


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