Friday, August 12, 2011

Clippies Return

I have had my head buried in clippies for the last three weeks.  It started with a desire to get caught up on the international orders placed months ago, but ended with this uncontrollable obsession to get these clips completed.  The last three days I have been able to do little else but clippie madness.  Here are a couple of the handmade clips I constructed.  The clipboard above was made from 1/8" wood, painted and modge podged label, holes drilled, and wire run around the pencil and through all the holes.  Whew!  Glad to have that one over with!

This computer was not my most exciting, but many little steps to get it completed.  Again, 1/8" wood pieces, painted and lined.  The glossy stuff is 
Glossy Accents by Inkssentials.
Fabulous stuff.  I buy mine at Joanns for around $7 a bottle-but I use a coupon ad never pay that much :0)
This stuff goes a long way too.  I use HUGE amounts of it at a time.  In all the clips I have done recently, over 200 at least, I have only used just over half a bottle.  A little bit goes a long way!
Here is another clip I used it on...

I love nerds notebook.  I shrunk down my notebook labels, modge podged them on little rectangles I cut out, drilled holes, ran wire, and applied the glossy accents.  So cute.


OK, this is where I throw in my weirdness clause.  I make what makes the customer happy.  This seems a little weird to me, but they ate it up.  They are looking for school/office supplies, some sports, some music.  This guy was cut out of 1/2" wood, drilled hole for pencil, chopped pencils to desired length.  I took some pencil sharpeners I bought at the dollar store and took the metal part off.  I was worried the metal could possibly hurt someone, so I glued the metal to felt first, then applied it to the clip.  I made a shaving out of wired ribbon. I dipped one side in black paint to look like the carbon of the pencil, then gathered it with needle and thread after it was dry.  The wire in the other side helps the shaving to curl where I want it.

So cute!  This clip was so fun to make.  I had made the sample without a label, with colored pencil stubs in the hand-made box.  Well, not thinking, I made a crayon label.  As I gathered supplies for the clip, I realized that I could not use the colored pencils for the boxes, it says CRAYONS!  With nothing else to do, I set about making crayons :0)  I cut a 1/4" dowel into 1 1/2" lengths {8 clips times 5 crayons= 40 tiny crayons to hand make!!!} then shaped the crayon tips on my disc sander.  They are not all the same, but I am guessing the crayons in your crayon box are not all used to the same lengths either...unless you are Monk :0)  I was really going to take pictures of these cute little boxes all set up and fabulously displayed, but that whole obsessed completion thing took over and I had them lined with felt and mounted on clips before I realized.  Oh well, you get the idea.

Felt Paint Pallet.  Sewn around on my sewing machine, paint blobs are puff paint, the paintbrush hand made from toothpicks.

The flute on this clip I made from clay I had worked around a toothpick.  The teeny tiny keys were not fun to make...I'm just sayen'.

Mini tray of chocolates.  The tray is about 1" tall, 1 1/2" wide.  Yep, I made the chocolates by hand too :0)

This pencil cup was made by cutting wooden pots in half, then filled with pencils and such.  I bought some from the miniature section at Hobby Lobby, the rest I made from toothpicks while watching 8 Seconds.  Watching that movie was quite a trip.  My roommates in College were Idaho Cowgirls and made me watch that show over and over again.  I am sure you were wondering what I did to pass the many hours of mind-numbing time whilst working my fingers raw....Netflix, and lots of it!

The paper I sewed on the sewing machine, gluing the crayons buttons on and the blop is puff paint again.

The tape dispenser is one of my favorites!  So cute, so mini :0)  I made sure to include a small strip of plastic {you can't see in the photo} to act like the tape stretching from the roll to the cut location.

And last but not least, the candy box.  This little darling was made by taking two rectangles of 1/8" wood.  I wrapped navy ribbon around the outside edge of the bottom to act as the side.  I made the chocolates from tiny balls of clay, baked them, and glued them to tiny circles of tissue paper.  Each loaded tissue was then glued into the box.  The lid was lined with navy velvet.  I made the tiny bow using these instructions I came across on Pinterest...
It really works!!!  Go grab some ribbon and give it a try :0)

Here are some of the sets I completed...some.  Whew!  Am I glad to be done, for today anyway.

I have to tell you though, that I did not do all this work by myself.  I finally let go of my obsessiveness and let Madison glue some of the already white-felt-lined clips to the black/navy felt for me while I did a few dishes.  She accidentally dropped a freshly glued clip, one renegade string of hot glue running down her finger.  She quickly grabbed the clip with her other hand, burning that hand too, then flung the clip across the room to land hot-glue-side-down on the carpet and ran for the sink.  Here is what she was left with *Poor Girl*
Talk about *BLISTER*
We swiftly applied the mineral essence I told you about a long time ago, and by the next morning she didn't have any pain, just this lovely worm-like blister on her finger.  

Now that she may never glue again, we have apprehended the perpetrator...
and in the words of Candice, "He's Busted!"  This glue gun will never burn again...OK, maybe it will, but not Madison.  She swore never to use this bad boy again!


  1. OH MY AHHHHHHHHH It looks like she either has a parasite in her finger or that IS the glue still on her finger. Wow. My son just got this big round blister covering the bottom of his toe and I thought that was bad. 0_0

    Great job on the clips. I can't believe the work you put into those! They are wonderful and I love seeing all the new things. Dunno what it is with being a female that makes me love things in miniature. I can only imagine what kind of doll house you could put together!


  2. Yeah, I seriously thought that was glue stuck to her finger. That's horrible! I hope she's alright, looks like that may take a while to heal. Owie!

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