Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Getting to Work

I took my first trip to Home Depot today to pick up my Premium Studs-Don't worry Scottie, I am talking about lumber!  I am totally in love with the Premium Studs at Home Depot because they are dry, smooth, and save me tons of time because of the two things I just mentioned.  I purchased about half of the wood I need for the Super Saturday orders that were placed.  Emmalee and I spent a great deal of time picking each board out and moving it several times before it finally hit the sawdust covered floor of my garage.  

Emmalee likes it when we go to the "Wood Store" cause she gets to ride home in a fort made by mama.  This has to be the fullest I have ever packed it.  I had to slide a few boards back to shift the Tahoe into drive :0)
We got home, swept up the remnants of the dust/sand storm that blew through a week or two ago, and then began unloading.  

Now, yesterday when we got home from dropping the big kids off from school we found this on our driveway... 
I thought that was bad.  It was the biggest lizard I have had in my yard...and it was dead on the driveway.  Yuck.  But that I could handle a lot better than this...
What I found IN MY GARAGE!!!
**Uggh.  It leaves a bad taste in my mouth just thinking about it***
You see, I got home from the ordeal with Grandma at 2am Saturday morning.  I pulled right into the garage, turned the car off, pulled the keys from the ignition, and dragged my sorry butt into bed.  I left the house Sunday and Monday, but again, pulled out of the garage, went on my way, and pulled right back into the garage when I got home.  Today was the first day I actually left the car out in the blazing sun and walked into the empty garage.  
I vaguely remember a bird-like thing flying into me at some dark moment on the drive home from Utah Saturday.  I remember hoping it was a bird {not that I wanted to kill a bird that day, but I was hoping it wasn't exactly THIS- A BAT}.  Not only was it not a bird, but it is now resting-in-peace in my garage.  
I have only one thing to say....SCOTT!!!!!

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