Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Easter Family Home Evening in a Can

I am sure you thought I was crazy for looking at Christmas stuff in July, but Easter in August!?!  Well, it is tradition for me to have a Family Home Evening kit in the Super Saturday line up and I have been waiting 3 years to do this one.  I finally came across Easter eggs after the holiday (things sell out fast around here so it is pretty hard to get the after-the-holiday clearance).  Joanns must have forgot about one box of eggs because in June I came through the store and found a whole bin of eggs 70% off.  I bought the whole bin of eggs and tucked them away in my garage for Super Saturday this year.  I did find out that Oriental Trading sells Easter eggs year-round!!!  If you decide you too want to be cataloged with the insane and make an Easter kit in August, you can buy them HERE.  I do think this kit would make a fabulous Christmas gift :0)

Let me show you the individual parts of this lesson... First, the can.  Can't tell you how excited {what a Nerd} I am about the packaging this year :0)  We are canning our FHE lesson in a no. 10 can!  Our church storehouse checks out the can sealer so we have it reserved for September 17th.  The cost is something like this:  Can-$0.75, Metal Lid-$0.15, and Plastic Lid for after the can is opened-$0.20.  The label...
click on the photo, right click and choose save to file-then print out on 11x17 paper 
(email me if it doesn't work).
Do be aware that the label is about 2 inches short of making it around the whole can, leaving a gap in the back.  It cost $1.00 to have the label printed out at Office Max.  Trim on the colored lines and glue on with your favorite glue.  I prefer...
the Scotch ATG tape gun for paper projects.  I love it!  I was having to order the tape online, but just saw the gun and tape at Joanns!!!  Yay!  Use your coupon though because the tape is $10 a roll :oP

I found the lesson in a couple different spots, but ended up using the lesson Julie Smith posted.  You can check it out HERE

The basic jist is that there is a scripture card and a charm of some sort in each of 11 eggs, the 12th egg left empty like Jesus' tomb.  You can hide the eggs{with scriptures and charm inside}, then hunt for them, open each egg up reading the scripture and short description in the lesson plan.  

I made two of the charms from clay as I was reproducing my discontinued accordion for a clippie order
{yep, they ordered accordion hair clips :0}

The tiny loaves of bread were made by rolling a long, thick rope of white-ish clay.  I pushed a pencil along both sides of the bottom portion of the rope to indent like the indentation made by a bread pan.  Next I sheeted the tan clay on my clay pasta machine and wrapped it around the white rope.  An exacto knife was used to slice off a couple pieces of the bread and to open up the front end of the loaves.  I made the little crosses with dark brown clay.  I rolled it to the desired thickness, then cut it into 1/4" strips.  I took a small notch out of the back side of the horizontal strip so that it would lay on top of the vertical plank.  I used the exacto knife to make wood grain in the clay and then baked it all in the oven at 275 for 20 minutes.  I took the bread loaves and baked them an additional 20 minutes because they are twice as thick.  

If you are interested in the printed FHE lesson or the scripture cards they are free HERE with Dropbox.  I am sure that the kids will LOVE cracking open the Easter Family Home Evening lesson and learn about the Savior's last days in such a fun and memorable way.  

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