Friday, August 19, 2011

Down East Shopping Spree

Thanks to a FABULOUS hook-up by Ashley at Cute As A Fox, Madison and I were invited to a night of shopping on Down East Basics of the ArrowHead Mall.  

By accident we were BOTH fitted with $25 gift cards.  When I realized that they gave Maddie girl her own, I swiftly gave it back explaining that she was not a blogger, but my 13yr old daughter.  About 5 minutes later the gift card was re-presented to Madds with a smile.  The darling lady who put on this even wanted Madison to shop and tell us what she thought too :0)  Fine!  We will take the money!  No arm twisting tonight!

Madison will tell her opinion by the expression on her face.  She loved every minute!  I must say that the store was very pleasant to shop at.  The ladies that worked there were super friendly, the store was clean, and the clothes are incredibly adorable.
Please, nobody tell Down East that we already love to shop there and they didn't need to pay us to say that :0)  When we are up in St. George, Utah visiting grandma, we secretly wait until she falls asleep and then run for the car keys.  The Down East outlet is usually first on our list.  Madison's personal favorite are the cozy undershirts they sell there.  
Me, I love the lace...and the ruffles!  Man do they know how to do lace and ruffles!
If you are into the vintage feel, you have to check them out!!!

These two need to come home with me.  They were so fabulous I kept just walking by and gawking.  Every once in a while I would stop to caress the soft fabric, running my finger along the stitching.  So adorable!

Did I mention that they sell accesories too!?!
Check out this wall-o-fabulous!
It is full of necklaces, hair bows and wraps, bracelets and everything else you never knew you NEEDed.
They also sell accessories for little girls.  Darling bracelets, necklaces, hair things and such.

Down East has recently started carrying little girl clothes too.  This ruffly jacket is on Emmalee's list.

Have I mentioned that you can shop online?  You can check them out at  Many of the tops you will find are even under $20.   

How cute is that?  A ruffle heart.  Down East, you ruffle my heart :0)

This clutch purse was calling my name all night.  I ended up letting Madison spend BOTH of our cards, but I may need to go back for this little lady.  She was DARLING! 

So, if you are in the mood for a little wardrobe infussion, check out Down East Basics either in store or online.  The clothes are gorgeous, from fit to color, and they are good quality at a great price.

Thanks again Down East for the shopping trip!


  1. Love these pics! Do u know the brand for the yellow ruffle heart tank? Im trying to read the tag but cant see the name. I want to purchase on ebay if they no longer have. Thank you!!!!!

    1. I believe it is "Down East" brand. Check for that. I will let you know if I find it is anything else.


  2. I still cant find that tank anywhere :( Any suggestions where I could get it - I'll even take a used one :)

    1. Sorry for my slow response :0/ I can't find them online either. My best recommendation is to A: take the picture into the store, B: Keep watching Ebay, and C: I will go to my local store in the near future and ask if they still have any. What size are you looking for in case I find one?

      You know {shhhhh, I am not telling you this} I could probably show you how to MAKE one :0} Let me know if you are interested....shhhhhh!

  3. Thank you so much! You are so kind!!!!! I am looking for a size medium, but will take any size :) Oh you could make it? Same color and all? You are so sweet!!!!

    1. OK, so I went to Down East, actually on the 19th :0) and the sales lady looked at me like I was stark-raving mad lunatic. I am guessing that means that finding the shirt will be basicly impossible. I am thinking that leaves us nowhere else but to make one. Not sure I can match the color exactly, but will peek around and see what I come up with.

  4. OMGosh, you are such a sweethear! Thank you for asking for me :) And thanks for trying to make one too!!! I found it in color pink online at the below link, but I really like the mustard yellow color. Let me know if you need anything :)


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