Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DownEast Shopping Spree 2.0

Wohoo!  Madison and I got to go for a SECOND shopping spree on DownEast Basics!!!  It was just as fabulous and exciting as the first time:0)

I totally LOVE this store!  I love the clothes.  The fabrics are high quality and their color combinations are just beautiful.  I am not a small lady by any means, and the undershirts totally fit me and last my constant wearing for years at a time.  They are great under any fashion ensemble, not to mention that they have a variety of sleeve lengths for any weather.  You can see what I am talking about HERE on their website.
After I picked out a couple of my favorite colored tees, 
Madison spent the rest of our money.

Besides all of their cute clothes and fabulous finds, the store itself is stinken cute!  Seriously, between the shabby chic wallpaper, the industrial metal, and the gi-normous picture frames highlighting wall displays {lets not forget the gorgeous chandeliers} it is just a fun and comfortable place to be.  I am thinking my craft room needs to look a little more like DownEast :0D

Hi Mary!  LOvE the Swimsuit ;0)

I had to take a picture of the scarves.  I thought it was cute how they were displayed.

With my abnormal obsession with little girls clothes, I let Madison dishevel the women's racks while I worked on the girls section.  How cute is this stuff!  
Here are a couple of my favorites:
This broomstick skirt is SO CUTE!  I am loving all the coral and orange in the store!  Such great color combinations everywhere.

This Pea Coat was the object of my affections for most of the time.  I would walk over and look at it, pick it up, then put it back and walk away.  Minutes later I would walk right back and have to touch it all over again.  I wanted to let Madison use most of the shopping money for back to school clothes, but I wish I would have snatched it up right then.  Guess I have to go back to the store when we are back in AZ!

I loved this skirt.  It was made out of a simple knit, but every other layer of ruffle is edged with a satin ribbon.  So very cute and a very nice touch to a popular style!

Madison hit the dressing room with all her finds.  Here are a few of her favorites.  I have passed on my dyer love of all things vintage to her.  This top was so cute on her!

This sweater is Madison's absolute favorite purchase of the night.  I think she wears it 3 or 4 times a week...whenever she can work it into her outfit really.

I made her try this on for me.  I actually loved this shirt!  It was totally slimming.  There is a panel of light grey on the side there where the arrow is pointing.  That panel somehow magically takes away 4 inches off your waistline!  I need one!!!

Super cute!  Note the pile behind my girl :0}  Did I mention we had a hard time choosing what exactly to purchase!?! 

After what seemed like FOREVER, we made our final selections and headed to the counter.  We were checked out by the nicest cashier.

{tee-hee} Yep Madison!  Mom got a picture of you leaving the store too.
Check out the smile on her face.  Thanks again DownEast Basics for the fabulously fun and enjoyable shopping spree.  We will see you again next time we are in town!!!
Until then, we will have to fulfill our needs on you WEBSITE!


  1. That striped sweater is stunning on your gorgeous daughter! I can see why it's a favorite. She's beautiful!

    1. Well aren't you a dear! I will have to let her know you like it too ;0)



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