Friday, August 24, 2012

Making Ourselves At Home

I have mentioned that we are living in a hotel for the time being, right?  Well, to prove my total craft-nerdiness, I made a wreath for my door.  It was really all spawned by this pin on Pinterest:
 I saw a couple weeks ago.  It showed how to make a wreath out of that fabulous shiny mesh stuff I found at Hobby Lobby.

Fighting off the depression that follows leaving all that you know and love and moving across the country to live totally alone...I decide to begin my craft-therapy with a "home-y" type of craft, like a back-to-school wreath.  Here is my result...
I had it hanging on the door for a couple days, then took it down and hung it inside so I could figure out what was wrong with it.  It was just too plain.  After staring at it for days/weeks, I finally took another trip to Hobby Lobby and grabbed some fall sprigs I thought might go well.  

Honestly, I just wanted to scrap the whole mesh wreath and just use a grapevine wreath as my base.  I was determined not to waste the money already spent, so forward I marched.

I searched high and low for chalkboards and found not a one.  Funny how in the middle of August you can buy Halloween candy and Christmas ornaments...but not a single "Back-to-School" decoration!
I finally picked up this little frame from Hobby Lobby and just painted it to look like a chalkboard.  The smaller boards are from a pack of four wooden rectangles also found at Hobby Lobby.
***Now would be the moment to admit that I miss my saws TERRIBLY and have a new found sympathy for all you crafters out there that don't have saws of your own!!!***

Next up, I stitched together some felt pencils.  I cheated on the pencil lead.  I just dipped my pencils in black paint and saved myself some heartache.

Even after putting on the leave sprigs, it looked empty.  I just kept adding and adding branches until it finally looked good to me.  In case you are wondering, I bought 4 branches of the leaf sprig and three branches of the yellow bally sprigs.

There we go.  A "home-y" wreath on my door.  I hate to admit it, but I am seriously thinking about making couch pillows next.  The only thing left would be to crochet a fabric mat for the door :0)  Just kidding on that last one {although I am sure my mom doesn't believe I was kidding about that one}


  1. You crack me up beyond all belief! I love the souped up version of the wreath. I agree that the first one looked a little plain. You such a trooper. Can't wait to see you soon!

  2. We lived in a hotel last year. I wish I would have thought to make a wreath for the door! Too cute. :)
    We have also done a cross country move before... ironically that was not the move that landed us in a hotel for a month. Hmm. Anyway, it's good to see that you are making the best of things.

  3. Love it, you have a gift of being able to go anywhere and make it feel like home. Even when it is a hotel.

  4. You are a crack up! I bet nobody else in this world has put up such a beautiful wreath on their hotel door. I truely love it!

  5. I love you, you are amazing!! And I'm still in denial that you not 5 minutes from me! Glad you can still craft in the hotel.


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