Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Geek Wear ;0)

My little boy is growing up to be quite the geek.  I love him.  
He is just like his father :0)
Eli is head-over-heals in LOvE with Minecraft, a crazy computer game.  In this game {note I am telling you about it like I know anything, pshaw!}  you stumble around this world made up of square things, smashing square things and looking for gems to purchase MORE square things...

Eli decided he NEEDED a Minecraft tie for church.
You see, I am JUST THAT BORED that I thought it would be a good idea to make one.

Here is a picture of an 8-bit tie Eli found on Amazon for Twenty something dollars.  When we were at the fabric store imagining how I was going to make the tie, I envisioned I would just cut out the tie shape, then line it with bias tape and call it good.  When I finally sat down at my sewing machine to make this...Sunday morning just after Eli asked, "Mom, Where is my Minecraft Tie???"  I decided the bias tape was the wrong way to go :0)  Can you say "La-Zee???"

So, I decided to cut out the green shape from a piece of broadcloth.  Remembering a trick I learned at the quilt store in Mesa, I used a glue stick {YES!  I said glue Elmers that is for sale for $.20 a stick right now} and rubbed it all over the back of the tie, then simply pressed it onto the piece of doubled-over black broadcloth.  I used the same glue stick to stick the two pieces of black together so they would not slip while I sewed, and zig-zagged a narrow stitch to permanently attach the green to the black.

Once that was done I zig-zagged around the black part, following the green about 1/2" out from the green.  Finally, I cut the black away, careful not to cut into my zigzag stitch.  I ran some FrayCheck along the edge to make double sure there would be no messy edges.  
At this point I stopped, pulled up the tie picture, and noticed that it had a design.  That was when I decided to do theTriple, double-stitched {to make it darker} stripes down the tie.

Eli will probably shoot me if he sees this picture on here, but it shows just how proud he is of his tie!  He actually wears it EVERYWHERE!  He wore it to school yesterday and even put it on when we took some Back-To-School pictures last night.  Silly boy!  I am glad he liked his Geek Wear :0D


  1. My boys will be jealous. They are addicted to that game.

  2. Do you sell these? How can I buy one?

  3. Awesome! My 11 year old has to wear a tie and is not looking forward to it... I don't suppose you'd have a pattern to go with this? And "doubled over" means folded? Thanks for the inspiration!


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