Friday, August 31, 2012

Life At The Backside Of The Bus

I picked the kids up from school and whisked them off to take NEW first-day-of-school pictures :0/  For the first time in my photographic life, I accidentally erased pictures.  Not just a couple either...something like 200!  Even though my dear aunt claims blame for "breaking" the camera {I am still crying over the loss of the farm pictures Amy} it was a small computer error that resulted in the file loss and my two-day sick stomach.

Oh Well.  What can you do?

Here are our replacements :0)  Madison is absolutely LOVING school in South Dakota.  She loves the kids, she loves band, she even loves being one of two thousand kids at her school!

She really likes being asked about BOYS!
It seems that she has a boy partner in just about EVERY CLASS...
Not sure Mom is OK with this!!!

I can't believe my little Madison is already a freshman in High School.  Just so you know Madison, No, you will NEVER date those cute boys in class, and NO! You can't get your drivers license even though it is legal at 14 in South Dakota!  Happy 9th Grade :0p
Love you.

Eli was more than thrilled to discover that in our new home state, 6th grade is actually in Middle School!  He gets his own locker, has a schedule and several periods a day, and has a "Sick" pair of shoes to trample through the halls with.  I am not sure there is another thing on this planet that he wants...

OK, there is, but this boy is still happy as can be.  Love him too!

Now, if we could just work on your fashion sense :0}  Eli insisted on wearing his 8-bit tie for the pictures.  He actually wore it 3 of the first 4 days he had the tie.  Goofy boy. 

I ended up driving over to the bus garage so that I could get these pictures.  Just so you know, you need to check in at the office if you decide to do the same.  I actually drove a school bus in a previous life and didn't think it would be an issue for us to stand behind the thing for a few snapshots.  Low and behold, the manager came walking up and gave me a nice yelling-at before he told me to go ahead and click away.  
Thanks...I think.

Last, but definitely NOT least {just ask her} Princess Cinderella...formally known as Emmalee.  There is no shortage of personality in her body.  Emmers isn't in school yet.  Just as I was searching the internet for preschool lesson plans, a local here told me that they actually have school, sometimes all day, just like Kindergarten.  Wow!  A room full of 4yr olds!

If she gets any more spunky she just might find herself in Pre-Kindergarten.  I have no doubt that she is ready for the classroom environment, but I really can't believe, in a nation cutting education so short on funding, that they would actually publicly fund preschool.  Awesome!  We shall see. 

Until then, these darling baby blues are mine and we will be rolling playdough snakes and hosting alphabet tea parties to our hearts contents.  Love you baby girl.
Happy Back to School everyone!!!
I wish you many fabulous school-time moments...from the backside of the bus :0}

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