Monday, August 20, 2012

New Meaning to "Furry Little Animals"

You should already KNOW that I am a big, crazy NERD!  That fact is a given.  Here is further proof of that....Towel folding!  I love it!!!  I totally would LOVE to spend a couple hours creating strange and gorgeous creations out of towels to place in my guest's bathrooms.  Here are a couple tutorials I have found in my search...Above, The Red Chair Blog shows us how to create this fabulous fan ensemble.  Don't you love the flowers!?!

Next you can read about how to fold a towel Elephant...

Or check out this video on how to make this Elephant {video}

This shirt and tie is spiffy!  This towel was found at the Radisson Hotel.

This oragami gift basket tutorial is a fabulous idea!  Just slide a bar of soap, cute wash cloth and some hotel shampoo inside and your guests will be thrilled at the surprise :0)

Bunnies {shown here as a teething reliever} can be fun...

Or the Swan made by the folks on the cruise ships :0)  This idea is made all the more adorable....
When you make two and place them like they are kissing!  Sappy I know, but I must try this {nerd}

These three pictures are all from the website selling the Folding Magic DVDs.  They have to be the cutest animals yet...maybe 'cause they are in color ;0)  You can check them out here!

Please let me know if you see any more tutorials.  I need to see many more examples to try out on our hotel towels.  I have to do something in these tiny walls to keep my mind a working ;0}

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  1. I'm a big nerd right along with you. I love towel animals! We went on a cruise for our honeymoon and I LOVED the towel animals. I have never tried it myself though!


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