Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Easy Peasy Fondant Ruffles

Check out this fondant cake I recently made for a baby shower.  I was simply DYING to make a ruffle cake and the baby shower was the perfect excuse.

Here is how you do it....
Roll your fondant to about 3/16" {just thinner than 1/4" thick}
Cut out circles.  I used a 4" circle cookie cutter, but you could use just about any size.  I picked a larger cutter so that my ruffles were longer and I didn't have to make quite as many as if I used a smaller cutter.  

***tip:  I have mentioned this before, but it is so awesome I cannot resist repeating...Buy a yard of vinyl from the fabric store and use that to work your fondant.  I put the vinyl down on the counter, blop my wad of fondant on top, then fold the second half of the vinyl piece over the top loosely so that I have a giant vinyl/fondant/vinyl sandwich.  Then you could roll out your fondant without using ANY powdered sugar, extra grease, or anything!!!  It keeps your fondant super pliable and moist unlike powder sugar.  Fabulous!  {also a great way to keep your circles from drying out while they wait to be ruffled...just cover them with the top flap of vinyl and press it down lightly to keep the air out!!!}

OK, so I bought a big set of fondant tools, but these two are all you foamy square {flat foam not the big spongy one} and a wooden dowel that has a rounded end.  Put one fondant circle on top of the foam and then press your dowel into the fondant about an inch.  Apply light pressure and roll the dowel back and forth to get the fondant ruffling.

It will start to look like this.  If yours doesn't, you might need to press a little harder, or perhaps, a little lighter.  Just roll the dowel in short spans.  Did I mention that while this technique is easy, it takes a LONG TIME :0}  I may have left that fact out.  Work your way around the fondant circle, stopping to turn the circle as you go.  Eventually you will end up with this... 
I started to cut with the smaller cookie cutter in the center before I realized I needed a picture.  You won't have that circle there :0)  Please note the rough edge on the right side.  That started happening because the fondant was sticking to my wooden dowel.  If that happens to you, stop, go wash your dowel and dry it thoroughly, then if need be, rub it with a light coating of Crisco or shortening.  That should do the job and you can continue on to the next ruffle.

NOW use the smaller cookie cutter to cut out the center.  If you have a local bakery supply store these circle cookie cutters can be purchased for less than a $1!  You can check Amazon too.  They are a fabulous resource for cake makers, tons of supplies for cheap!  My favorite!!!

OK, so when you have a ruffle ring like this, cut it apart.  I used a nearby fondant tool, but for heavens sake, a butter knife will do splendidly.  Take note of the vinyl edge there at the top left of this picture.  It may be hard to tell, but all of this fondant work was done on top of my fondant vinyl piece :0)  It is also a great way to keep your counter tops clean.

Here is your basic strand of ruffle.  As you straighten out the circle the fondant ruffles even more.  You cannot get the full ruffle effect by using a straight piece of fondant!  You have to use circles to get the fullest ruffles.  A tighter circle will actually give you more ruffle than this bigger circle I used.

I like to smoosh the fondant thinner so it is ready to be "glued" to the cake.

My "glue" of choice is good old corn syrup.  You can spend more for official fondant paste at the cake store, but I have not had an issue with the corn syrup.  Do you like how I give "to much information" at each and every step?  I am just trying to be thorough for anyone out there that might a big a freak about details like I am :0}

I use a paintbrush {reserved only for cakes} to apply the corn syrup where I want the ruffle to go on the cake.

Apply the ruffle and smooth the seams together.  I like to fold under the edge of the new ruffle before I glue it down.  That way the previous ruffle edge is covered and when the layers are done, you cannot find the seams.

One thing that perplexes me about the whole ruffle trend, is how to finish the top.  This time I decided to try the puckered-fondant-sash-thing found at this site.  If you stand back a little and look, it kinda looks like a banquet table.  I added the brown buttons because the mamma-to-be loves pink and brown together.

Here is a closer look at the top.  I cut another circle from white fondant, free-handed a monogram with my knife, then painted it with corn syrup and added the edible pearls.  I am a total sucker for rolled flowers and couldn't resist adding a couple of those for accent.

Here is my finished cake.  So totally precious!  I am thrilled at how it turned out.

For a little added sweetness... 
I threw in a couple dozen of my Oreo cupcakes and Oreo cheesecakes. 

With no oven in our current hotel home, I have found other things to fill my crafting needs.  Recently I have been working hard on some new printables.  Come back in the next couple days to check those out!!!


  1. Thank you for such a detailed tutorial! I think I'll use this when I make my girls b-day cake in a few weeks. Thanks!!

  2. Who doesn't love ruffles?? I love this! Thank you!

  3. I love your detailed post. I am so going to try this.. and will keep you posted! I am new to all this.. please tell me how should I send u a picture of my finished cake....

    1. Good luck and I can't wait to hear :0} I am really having caking withdrawls. I might just have to bust out the supplies for the church Christmas party or something.


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