Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Give Thanks Printable

Hello!  I am back and cannot find my camera cord to post anything I have done lately...basically I have been rocking softly in the corner until last night when I finally realized I could go buy another one.  That is what Emmalee and I are going to do this afternoon, but for now, here is a printable I made last week for my friend Lindsey.  She is putting on a mini-Super Saturday and wanted some "Give Thanks" blocks that would be quick, easy, and cheap for all involved.   Here are the basic instructions:
Print the above printable.  If you want to email me or comment below I can email the file to you :0)
Cut the pieces apart.  Cut a 2x4 down to 3" blocks...7 for each set you want to make.  Sand them if they have rough edges, wipe the blocks clean with a slightly damp cloth, and you are ready to paint. 
I think I would paint the blocks with a dark brown like Delta Ceramcoat's Burnt Umber.

Once paint is dry, apply a healthy amount of modge podge to the front of the blocks and mount one letter printable to the wet glue on each block.  I like to smooth the paper onto the glue with an old gift card or credit card to remove the bubbles.  Let that dry before painting a top coat of modge podge over the top to seal the project.  {letting it dry will decrease your chance for bubbles}

You can sand the edges of the project for an aged look, or just leave it looking freshly painted.  If you are going to sand, you may want to do that before the final coat of modge podge.  

Now, I don't actually have a finished version to show you {all that moving and saw-less hotel crap all over again}, but I am SURE that Lindsey will provide us with some sample pictures just as soon as her ladies have completed the project next weekend :0)

OK, more to come when we get back from BestBuy with the camera cord!
Ta Ta for now!

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