Friday, September 21, 2012

Spooky Little Pennant

Check out my spooky little pennant banner!  Don't you love it!?!  Disregard the messy bed.  I figured I should snap some pictures before the room got any messier.  

Yesterday I got to go over to a friend's house for a little craft therapy and happened to bring the materials for the banner along.  When I got home {to the hotel} I couldn't find anywhere to hang it up.  That was when I noticed the bed!  It is adorable hung up there.  We might just have to make one for the bed when we move in next month!

I know, What a craft NERD, right?
I cut the pennants about 6" wide and 7" tall.  I used scalloped scissors to cut the triangles out, then sewed a zigzag stitch around the edges to keep the front and back fabric pieces together.  Here is my little Spidy.  For the Spider web, I sewed an X in the burlap, then sewed lines in between the X's lines making 8 spiderweb strands.  Next I sewed the intersecting swoops.  My spider was a cute little button purchase years ago at Joanns.  I just hot glued him on there.

Seriously.  I love having this banner up so much, I am going to have to make some more!

I am certain by now that the maids think I am off my rocker INSANE ;0)


  1. I was just thinking... you are going to miss that maid service when you finally get to move out of the hotel! Enjoy it while you can. LOL!

  2. This is really cute --- but NO ONE in my family would sleep a wink with a spider above their head.........go figure!


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