Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Art Room Aid

Do you believe art is an essential part of your child's education? Then you already know how important art education is — and how schools are struggling to keep their art programs alive. That's where Art Room Aid can help! A program of Blick Art Materials, Art Room Aid is helping teachers across the country enlist the aid of parents, families, friends, and other art advocates to fund their art projects and keep creative learning going. 

Thanks to Blick Art Materials and my lovely friends at TheMotherhood.com I had the opportunity to help a local teacher put together a wish list for an upcoming art project in Art Room Aid.

Meet my friend Lindsey.  She teaches second grade at a cute little school located in rural Worthington, Minnesota.  Lindsey is such an amazing and dedicated teacher I was thrilled to get her involved with Art Room Aid to plan and fund her next classroom art project.

I should tell you that Lindsey and I have known each other for quite a while now.  We met in Arizona, where Lindsey taught at an inner city school in a rougher part of Phoenix.  She was then, and still is today, driven to run an efficient classroom where all children can learn in a safe environment.  She understands that learning can be fun and hands-on projects are a direct path to fun in the classroom.  Lindsey definitely puts her whole heart into her job, and much like many school teachers out there, she ends up paying for most of her project supplies out of her own pocket. 
That is really why I was so excited to share Art Room Aid with her, as well as all of you.  So many of us would love to help relieve the financial burden placed on our teachers, but don't really know how to do that.  Art Room Aid is a great way for teachers to make known which supplies they need, and even some things they simply want, so that we can put our money to the best use. 

To begin this process, Lindsey went to Art Room Aid HERE and set up an account.

Here is a quick screenshot of what you might see if you visit the Art Room Aid site.  I love how clean and inviting the site looks.  It is very easy to find a teacher by searching their name or location, then give a donation online via a credit/debit card or paypal.  How about that!  You can do it in your pajamas, and my favorite, you don't have to wait for anyone to get around to cashing your check!

Here is a pic of the project Lindsey has picked out to make with her class.  Once the idea was decided on, Lindsey set to work finding her supplies.

After just a few minutes, Lindsey had her project loaded to the website, materials added to a wishlist, and the whole thing posted and ready for donations.

Here is a screenshot of her page.  Since she just posted her project she obviously hasn't had any donations yet, but that handy little thermometer on the left side of the screen will show any donations that have come in and serves as a nice visual of how much money is still needed.  

Lindsey, you are just to cute!  Is now a good time to mention that it was 50's Day at school today???  You gotta love that little piggy tail :0)  I shouldn't say anything about today being a themed day.  Then all my viewers can just think you have a very interesting sense of style ;0)

On top of fabulous selection and quality supplies, Blick Art Materials offers free shipping on orders of $99 or more in addition to other deals and discounts!

You know what else I love about the company???
Even with all of the high end art supplies they sell to art students and professionals, they also have a host of great products for all the little people :0)  After all, isn't it important that we teach the children while they are young to explore their imaginations and develop the skills they will need to become the fabulous artists they are destined to be!?!

Here are a few facts discovered by surveying 500 artists and their view on inspiration...
If you are a teacher out there, I hope you will take the time to check out Art Room Aid and take advantage of this awesome program Blick Art Materials has set up to assist you.  

Not an art teacher?  Check out Blick Art Materials for a full selection of high end, quality art supplies.  I can't even tell you how many people have told me they totally love the products they have purchased from Blick Art Materials.  I am totally excited for Saturday because I finally get to go to Omaha, Nebraska and see a Blick store in person!  I am envisioning an entire row of colored pencils all arranged like a rainbow of colors.  I will let you know how that visit goes!

Thanks again Art Room Aid and TheMotherhood.com for inviting Lindsey and myself to be a part of this great program :0}

Disclosure: I received product from Blick Art Materials and The Motherhood as part of my participation in this program. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.”


  1. Ha! Ha! It was a good thing you explained Lindsey's attire and clothes! ;) Miss you guys!

  2. Vanessa, that is very interesting, a great aid to teachers. You two are awesome!

  3. I wasn't paying attention and then I went whoa, that is Lindsey. Huh, glad you explained the pony tail.:) Anyhow, what a great idea. I hope that there are enough folks sharing the wealth to help keep art alive!

  4. I'm so glad it's 50's day... I was a little concerned that small-town Minnesota was really messing with Lindsey's sense of style! Great job you two!


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