Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pop Up Hearts

We are working on our Smash Books tonight at Young Women's tonight, our all girls church youth group.
I wanted to add a special touch to their LOve NoTEs page so I went scouring the web for heart pop-ups that would be cute.  I found a ton.  After a while of trying to imagine handing all the girls exacto knifes it finally dawned on me!  I have a silhouette!  I spent the next two hours of my day taking these free templates provided by the following fabulous people and imported them all into Silhouette studio.  I have the files here for you :0)

Above is the Pixelated Heart by  You can find the free template by clicking on the blog name, or you can follow the following LINK to get my silhouette file off of Dropbox.  I have all of the different templates set up to fit on half a sheet, or two per full 8.5x11 sheet of paper.

This Cheerleader Pyramid of Love can be found HERE at ExtreemCards.
HERE is my silhouette file :0)

I {Heart} U can be found HERE at whatever this site is in whatever language it is :0}
My silhouette file HERE.

This Spirally Darling can be found HERE on Luverly.
My silhouette file HERE.

I didn't make a file for this one, but I should have.  Maybe later.  Anyway, I wanted to show it none the less. I totally love it!  I am guessing you can use strips of overhead projector film {also known as acetate sheets}. Didn't MyStampLady do a fabulous job on this one?!?

OK, back to work for me.  I hope you enjoy the ideas.  Any of these would be cute with flowers for spring. I think I am getting in the papercrafting mood!

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