Wednesday, February 13, 2013

YW Smash Book Elements

I wanted to make this year extra fun and memorable by having the girls make smash books for all their fun times in Young Womens.  I figured the book would be a bit "funner" way to journal for personal progress, a great place to keep all their lesson handouts, and a time-filler activity for when we finish a little early on Wed. nights.  

Well, you know that smash books would be no fun without do-dads and clipart to put in there.  With 20+ girls in our group it can get a little expensive.  I decide to make some myself to try and cut down on cost.  I took the picture above, along with a few others and printed those up.  

I pulled together these images for them to cut out and add wherever they wanted.  Our theme this year is "Stand in Holy Places" so I tried to pick things that went along with that theme for our first set of elements.
There are four of each thing on the above sheet.

Here are two temple pics to be printed in black and white.

I tried to print some in color.  The "My Testimony" printables can be done either in black and white or color.  I plan to bring markers and such for the girls to add color and doodles on their own. 

It is hard for me to print so much in black and white, but the black and white is just so much cheaper.  I have all of my printables printed at Office Max.  I love them.  
I tried Staples last week and honestly, I hated the job they did!  The colors looked like I printed them at home and I think they were more expensive.

I also like to print my printables on cardstock.  The temple pic above was printed on regular paper just because I intended it to blend in and for the girls to write over top.  In general, I think all the smash book elements will look more "store-bought" if they are printed at the store and on cardstock. 

Here is my justification.  It costs somewhere around $.25 a sheet for black and white on cardstock.  I generally get three to four elements to a sheet, making them much less than $.10 each.  Now with the colored sheets, if I had four elements on a sheet and had them printed at Office Max for the $.70 a sheet color copy on cardstock, they are less than $.20 each.  
If you think about the scrapbook die cuts and such that you buy at the store, they are all like $.60 on up.  
Do you like my justification???

Anyway, you will see many more sheets of YW Smash Book Elements in the near future....but I am always running by the seat of my pants, so they will probably pop up one activity at a time ;0)

You can download any of these files HERE in my YW Dropbox file.


  1. I love, love, love you!!!!! These are absolutely beautiful and going to print them for my youngest daughter. I want them for my scrapbooks too. I forwarded them to our YW pres. and my sister-in-law who is a Stake YW president in Colorado. Last night our New Beginnings was a Dr. Seuss theme and was amazing. It's people like you that have a special place in God's unselfish heaven. Our Blue and Gold is next week Friday...Birthday theme! Pictures to follow.

  2. LOVE THIS! Thanks so much! Will be using them lots!

  3. I have printed the theme at Staples and it looks great! Thank you for the smash pieces too- Ü

  4. These look cute, but what is a smash book?

    1. A smash book is the same as a scrapbook, but scrappier. You put things in a smash book kinda random-like and don't worry as much if it is perfectly straight or anything. Kinda like what scrapbooks used to be before they were commercialized.

  5. Is it possible to print the picture of the banner you have in the beginning? The one with all of the legs and feet? We're creating a new bulletin board and I think that would be a cool border.

    1. Totally! I just got back into town. Email me at and I will get you the file.



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