Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pucker Up!

Pucker Up!  It's time for a SM*OOCH!
I LOVE Valentines Day...Scratch that...I LOVE to decorate for Valentines Day!
The actually holiday is not something that fits into our budget :0)  But when you have your own saw and a pile of scrap wood in the garage, Valentines Day is a sappy playground of decorating that is practically free!

I have wanted to make some lips for a while.  I cut out the kiss shape...

Then cut down the center where the lips meet.  By cutting the two parts apart I was able to sand the edges of both separate pieces and make the lips look way more realistic ;0)  I actually glue the two pieces together with wood glue so there are less pieces to keep track of.  I also sanded the bottom, just off center, so that the lips stand by themselves.

I made that red one first, and glittered it with the polyester flake glitter, but don't really like it.  I may have to repaint.  It might be just that I glittered the red one a little too much, but I totally love the sparkles on the hot pink lips!  

I had these two X's that I purchased on clearance at Hobby Lobby a year or two ago.  Now that I have lips, I finally have a complete set!
I don't currently have the lips listed on Etsy, but I can totally cut some out for you!!!
I would probably charge $4 a set plus shipping.  Feel free to email me if you want one :0)

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