Thursday, February 7, 2013

Just Hangen' Around

I have had this door sitting in my entryway pretty much since we moved in.  I had to cut one piece of it off in order for it to fit in the spot I had for it, so it took me a few months to talk my way to the saw.  This door is over 100 years old and a piece of our sweet little home we owned in Minnesota some 6 years ago.  It was a little door that lead from one bedroom into another in our ancient house.  It is actually one of my most love material possessions.  Something about me and this door are totally connected.

I finally decided that with all the other doors I have around here, I CAN cut it.  It will be ok.  The door will still love me, like the Giving Tree.  I took the door, drew a line and cut the end pannel off with a circular saw {I HATE using that saw!}

These knobs I purchased at Hobby Lobby a year or two ago to make a stocking hanger board thingy...but never got to it.  I love to look at them every time I come through the door!  The knobs are absolutely gorgeous!  I am still a little undecided if I will leave them in all their colorful glory, or if I will paint them to match the door and just sand them up a bit for small nuggets of color.  For now, I am liking the color. 

Now, once I had the thing cut and ready to hang, it took me another week or two to figure out HOW to hang such a heavy door.  Here is what I finally ended up using...

Dodads like THIS were screwed into the back of the door, so the top hung just above the top of the door.

Then I used hooks like THESE {not actually these, I bought mine at Walmart}.  You just push these through the drywall, and keep pushing until the pointy end hits the drywall inside the wall, then you are ready to hang. 

Sorry for the lousy picture.  I had to stand down the stairs in the garage to try for a full-ish picture :0)  What a fun thing to have just hangen' around!
I really need to get more things done around my house.  If I ever have a minute when the front room is actually clean and I am sane, I will have to take a couple pictures to show you.  It is totally my favorite room in the house, all because of the couple things I have actually done for myself in there :0)  I love to sit in there now....which means that the family follows {no way we can just let Mom sit alone, you know} and so does their mess!  It is totally not fair.  Oh well.  I love them anyway ;0)


  1. Love that you are using a door you love (even if you had to cut it down). How did you learn to use the saw, etc and do you have any suggestions for learning? We have all the tools, but I have never used them and dear husband is too busy to always help me.

    1. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. What a crazy month. I am beginning to think every month is like that so maybe I should just accept that life is a lot more hectic than it used to be :0)

      I have posted a few different tools and my best efforts of explaining how to use them HERE:

      I hope to get more online, but it is kinda low on the list right now. Keep checking in :0) If you have any questions PLEASE ask. I LOVE working in the garage and there is no way I am waiting for the rare occasion I can get my husband out there to help me. I would be more than happy to pass on anything I know.

      Happy Crafting!


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