Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wish Me Luck!

Do you like my little lucky charms???
I do  :0}

I started out by cutting some basic clover shapes, painted the edges, then decided to add some pattern paper for PaZazZZzzZz!

Instead of having each one on individual blocks, I mounted all three in the same 2x4.  I figured {if I were the dusting type} one would be easier to pick up than three.  Basically that means that when someone comes over and I find out we will need the family room, I can lift my unfinished projects off the table and into an empty laundry basket a little easier and faster :0}

I added the wire curls.  I got my inspiration for this whole project from a little highlight post I did last year.  In search of St. Patrick's Day crafts I found a similar set shown on Dejavu Crafts, but she didn't list where SHE found it.  

In the end I had to personalize the clovers after my own style.  A few paper flowers and scrapbooking brads later I finally had a St. Patrick's Day masterpiece for my mantel!

Now I just need to go back and spruce up the Valentine's version before I pack it away ;0)

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