Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Little Baking

I had to show you these cupcakes I made last week for a sweet girl named Davie.  She is a Home Economics teacher and is currently dating my brother named David.  Somehow he has convinced her to stick around for months.  David now refers to the two of them as "Team Dave."

When I found out it was her birthday last week I teased David about not ordering a cake for her.  When he realized I was talking about ME making her a cake, he jumped right on board.  I was missing a little cake creativity and these cupcakes hit my creative spot just right.

I made some chocolate cupcakes with fudge filling and topped them with the above cookie sheets and oven mitt fondant toppers.  I thought it would be a fun was to display Davie's love for cooking.

Davie's favorite color just happens to be red, and she is pretty spunky, so I thought this grouping of fondant flowers would be a nice touch for the spice cupcakes.  I filled the spice cupcakes with a caramel cream cheese filling.

Sorry about the bad pictures.  I only had my phone on me when we went to drop them off :0)

I handed over the "textiles" side of the Home Ec thing to Madison and her grandma.  They worked together on these fondant toppers.  There is a spool of thread, a threaded needle, button, and bow.  Cute!  It was fun to just hand it over to Madison to think about and execute all on her own.  She told Grandma what she wanted and owned these cupcakes.  What a little baker she has become ;0)

What a fun little project.  We got to crack all the cake decorating boxes and play playdough-style for a couples hours!  It is like therapy that you can afford ;0}  

And for Davie, Happy Birthday and good luck with my brother.  Just when I didn't think his ego could get any bigger...he catches a gorgeous girl like you ;0}  

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