Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Yoda Best DAD!

I made the first part of our Father's Day gift to Dad this year!  
We were walking through Walmart and I saw a Yoda pillow on a shelf.  That was when I had the phrase
"Yoda" Best Dad Ever!
pop into my head.  

Being a huge Star Wars fans, we decided a Star Wars movie night would be our gift to him and the perfect gift to accompany my little play on words.  

I worked up a couple printables just in case anyone else wants them.  I plan to put together a popcorn bowl complete with bowl, pop corn, various toppings, and maybe those cute popcorn containers from the dollar store.  I will have pictures of the completed project, but for now, you can download any of the prints HERE with dropbox.

I have these cards sized for 4x6 photos...

and two like this to be printed up on an 8.5x11" piece of cardstock for a folded card.

Hope you like 'em!  I am pretty sure Dad will ;0]

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