Sunday, June 23, 2013

Scout Camp Hygiene Roll-Up

My baby boy is off to Scout Camp tonight.  I don't quite know if I should cry cause I will miss him, or cheer because the computer will once again me mine!!!

Hardly a new concept, I made a hygiene roll-up for him to take to scout camp.  Knowing the typical boy scout, then knowing my son, I am doubly sure hygiene will not be top on his list this next week.  I made the roll-up in hopes he will actually use it, know where it is, and put everything back inside it's assigned pockets each day ALL WEEK :0)

Here is how I made it...
I took Eli down the towel isle at Target and let him pick the hand towel of his choice.  
Given his favorite color is green, this reversible stripe-ish number was the one he chose.

You really can't get more basic as far as sewing projects go.  I folded the towel into thirds the long way, folding bottom edge under first, then folding it one third of the way up.  

I stitched the two sides shut, sewed a line down the center of the pocket, and then sewed a line on each side of that center line making four equal sized pockets.

This is kinda a weird view, but I wanted to show you how the top of the pocket is actually folded over.  I am hoping it will help keep the shampoo and other items from falling out...kinda a second line of defense against typical boy-isms.

Of course I forgot to add the elastic the first time through, so I had to unpick, insert the elastic, and then re-stitch that side shut.  I made sure to go over the areas with the elastic a good couple times to be sure it wasn't going to pull loose.

In go all the hygiene supplies.  There is a pocket left for bodywash, or bug spray or whatever we happen to put in there. 

By using a hand towel, I was able to fit all the travel sized items inside the pockets completely.  Also, the top flap of towel is available for wiping his face or something.

The top flap folds down to keep everything nice and safe.

Once everything is in it's pocket, the elastic wraps around and keeps the wad of cleanliness nice and secure in a compact little roll.  Maybe when he misses his mommy {yeah right!  Like I will cross his mind} he can even snuggle this little token of love and smell that familiar ozone smell from my sewing machine. 

And that is it.  I guess I will soon hand my boy his Scout Camp Hygiene Roll-Up, sleeping bag, etc, and kiss him goodbye, leaving him in the hands of his Scout Master.  May the angels in heaven keep him safe.  Knowing my son, I think the angels of heaven will have a busy week ahead of them ;0}

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