Monday, June 10, 2013

Scrappy Flower Pens

Don't you just love my scrappy bouquet???

I feel kinda silly showing you these pens cause they are so easy to make, but I have actually wanted to make a pile of them for about 2 years now :0)

It didn't actually cost me a penny.  I took all the scraps from the pennant banner I just made...

The thin scraps were just the right size.  The bigger pieces were cut down to strips between 1/4" and 1/2" wide, about 3-4" long.  I just sorted the colors into piles after that, gathered a handful, then tied each handful into a pompom.  

Once the pompoms were made, I just opened them up to the center, squeezed a blob of hot glue, then pushed the end of one of my pens into the hot glue and applied a little pressure.

Now I have this fabulously scrappy pot of flowers that never need to be watered, match my craft room wonderfully, AND I can always find a pen when I need it!!!  On top of that, I will totally know if my husband starts hording my pens again ;0)  It is a total win-win for me!

On a totally different note, I have been trying out a couple Pinterest pins lately.  I will show you those tomorrow.  One is a total work in progress and the other was a total FAIL!  But I can't give up on it yet.  
More on all that tomorrow.
Have a great night!

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