Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Yoda" Best Dad Gift Basket

I promised to show you my Yoda gift basket I made for Hubby.  He was the proud recipient of the "Yoda" Best Dad Ever" printable from last week.
Still a little broke after our move, I was going to take the cheep way out and just give Dad his OWN Star Wars movies with a popcorn and toppings and call it good.  I figured my efforts could be spend on the gift bag.

I didn't get to work on it until Saturday night, but it came together well.  I just looked at a picture of Yoda and turned a yard of felt into this pile of pieces.  I can't draw a stick figure, but give me a pair of scissors and magic things happen ;0}

Originally, I planned to make a simple felt bag that fit over a dollar store plastic bucket.  I was going to grab some cellophane to make it a gift basket, but when I stepped up to the cutting counter at Joanns to buy the felt, this bolt of green/yellow tulle was sitting there calling my name.  It looked pretty good with the pukey green felt, so I grabbed 1 1/4yds of the tulle for the top half of the gift basket.  

I just pre-ruffled it, then sewed myself a Yoda sandwich.  A nice over-achieving wife would have hand stitched each piece of Yoda's face, lovingly thinking about all the sweet, thoughtful moments her husband had spent in selfless service of his family.  Me, I hot glued the face together, stitched the hair and bottom circle to the thing, and thanked heaven that no one bothered me long enough to complete the bag.

Real life.

Later we went to Target to grab a couple things.  The kids suckered me into buying Dad...
THIS toy.  No need to worry.  We didn't JUST give Dad his own Star Wars movies :0)  Dad is always a fan of new nerd toys!

Here is Yoda with his ears sewn on.  I have a house full of company tonight, but I will try and get the pattern made up for you so you too can be proud owners of a Yoda head gift basket!!!

If you are lucky, you too can keep it next to your kitchen table for a week and keep thinking that Yoda really is eating dinner with the family ;0)

Nerd Crafts Forever!!!

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