Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Foxy Kind of Love

Do you love it???  I have been trying to complete this set for about three weeks now...maybe longer!

I LoVE my Foxy Family!

Small GIF Bags/Paper Material (FC-W-0142)
I saw this paper bag fox a month or two ago on pinterest.  You can find it HERE with the original post and pdf printout of the pieces for the bag.

 and was inspired to make a wooden version...

Little Miss Foxy

And the Mr.  Love the bow tie!

You have probably read a little about my eye anxiety.  I usually stress for months over eyes for my guys.  Not with these two.  Finally, I made some eyes that I love.  Mr. Fox is on his second pair ;0}  but this little one lash eye setup is fabulous if you ask me.  Now if only that would work on my Frankenstein I started Halloween of 2012....

And, their sentiment sign.  "We've Got a FOXY Kinda Love"  Just like me and Mr. SewCakeMaker....OK, so our friends would not consider us very Foxy, but we are kinda crazy for each other.  Or just crazy when around each other.  or just crazy.  Whichever way you add it up, we belong together...just like this Foxy little couple.  Ahhhh, don't you just LoVE that it is Valentines time again!?!

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