Monday, February 3, 2014

Which "U" would You?

Just finished a custom order.  My friend Tammy in Texas ordered three of her son's favorite university football teams in vinyl as a surprise for him.  He has a very large wall in his room where she wanted to put all three.  With such a huge space, Tammy wanted them each around 24" tall.  I have to admit I have never done vinyl on this large of a scale.  Luckily, I think it worked!!!

I had to cut them down to three strips of vinyl, 12x24 each to be able to make them on my machine.  Awe!  ASU!  My own sweet Arizona State.  I miss Arizona A LOT right now!!!  So warm.  I miss my friends like I can't even explain.  Go Sun Devils!!! and dirt devils, and dirty little devils, all of them ;0}

And BU.  Tammy, I don't really know what school this is.  My kids keep naming all sorts of schools that I am pretty sure it is not {hee-hee}. 

I also bought a roll of blue vinyl so I could make Eli BYU in mega size.  Since we are career movers {always moving houses, not careers is what I meant} I think I will cut a board to put the vinyl on first, then we can just move it when we move...again...and again.

So here is my question for you...if you had..say, 20 feet of wall space like Tammy does and you were to paste your favorite schools up for the world to see...Which "U" would YOU do???

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