Thursday, February 20, 2014

Crushing On Cars

Know a little boy that is totally crushing on the movie Cars???  Really, what boy isn't.  I had a request for a name sign made out of the cars sign.  I worked on it all morning and finally think I have about as close a replica as I personally can possibly do.  Guess what???  I have a copy for you!

This image is available in my dropbox:
Is is a .png file so you can simply drop the image into any digital scrapbook page or picture and it will not have the white block around the outside.  I added the name using the font Magneto Bold found for free on FontZone.  If you do go to download the font, don't fall for the trick I fell for.  The bigger green download button at the top of the page is NOT to download the font, but some dumb program.  After the hastle of uninstalling the said dumb program, I went back and found the much smaller, over to the right orange download button and got the font I was looking for. 

I typed out the name, ran it through a couple filters to make it dimensional, and BAM!  
Brody's own personalized Cars name sign.
I hope you love it!


  1. This was JUST what I was looking for!! THANK YOU!!!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! I will try this out!

  3. Hola no hablo inglés pero me gustaría si fueras tan amable de hacerme uno con el hombre URIEL gracias saludos atentamente desde argentina


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