Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Secret Agent/CSI Blue and Gold

Just finished my Secret Agent slash CSI {Cub Scout Investigators} cubes!  This should be my last set this year.  

As usual, I could NOT make up my mind, SOoooooOOo, I have several versions to chose from.

Once again, you can download these printables, meant to be printed up on 4x6 photos, for FREE from my dropbox HERE.

And, here are the usual instructions:
 I cut the blocks out of 4x4 {actual size 3.5 x 3.5}  posts.  It is my understanding that if you don't have a saw or a dad in the pack that can cut wood, Home Depot or Lowes will cut them for you, but you might have to pay a little extra.  If they happen to say no, I would say the small ma-n-pa lumber stores will cut them for you.  Just tell them to cut them to 3 1/2" long.  

Now, the cube prints are actually sized for 4x6 photo prints.  Just send them to your favorite photo lab.  Most labs will let you email the files over now.  I print one of each file for every cube you are going to make.

Paint the cubes {technically you only need to paint about 1" in from all the corners since the photos will cover the middle of the blocks}.  Cut the photos down to the square {they print on a 4x6 photo, but the actual print is only 3.5x3.5 (or actually smaller) square.  I use mod podge to glue the pictures to the blocks.  Paint one side of the cube with mod podge, a nice even, healthy coat, then place the print on top.  I rub it down, then use a credit card or old gift card to kinda squeegie across the print to make sure there are no bubbles underneath.  Be sure not to squeeze out all of the glue though.  It will cause your picture to pull away from the cube as it dries and result in bubbles under your picture.   {somewhat of a visual on how I paint my cubes at this posting}

Normally I do one print on all of the blocks, then start back at the first block and do print number two.  Do all the sides in this assembly-line-style until you are finished.  Once all the prints are glued to the sides AND THE GLUE HAS DRIED, paint an even coat of mod podge over the top.  You may have a couple edges not stuck down.  This is a good time to shove some glue underneath and to rub the print down, then mod podge over the top.  I set out bbq skewers across my covered table to rest the blocks on while they dry.  You do not need to do anything to the bottom of the cube, but it is nice to paint that side completely just to give it a finished feel.  If you are a crazy overachiever, you can glue some felt to the bottom.

Here are links to the other styles I have so far. 

Secret Agent/CSI HERE

Good luck all you fabulous CubScouty leaders

 out there!

ATTN:  All, yes I said ALL cube printables are

 available HERE for FREE DOWNLOAD 

through Dropbox.  You can either download

 everything you want, or just open your own
free dropbox account and transfer the files 

there without downloading on your own computer.

Let me know if you have any questions!!!  I 

have tried to make the prints with dates in 

multiple years, so check the dropbox file for a 

new year first ;0}

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  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing. I needed something to promote our Cub Scout Day Camp and this will be perfect!


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