Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kindergarten Party Prep

I have a Valentines Day party to get ready for!!!  I made a couple of printables today to use at the party on Friday.  Above is a Hershey Kiss Matching game.  Basically, you just use the kiss candies with images glued to the bottom as the matching cards.  Lay them out on the table, image down, and if you find a match, you get to keep the candy!!!

Oh, I forgot!!!  This file is a silhouette cut file!  That is why it isn't a full page of labels.  I had to leave those spots blank for the silhouette to do it's stuff.  You can download the file HERE from my Dropbox.  In case you have that Silhouette machine sitting on your table and you really have no idea how to use it {I have been there!!!}  Open this file when you are inside Silhouette Studio {the program that comes with your electronic cutter} and Click Print!   Once it is printed out, lay the paper like it looks on the screen, landscape style, insert the image on a cutting mat into your machine and push cut.  That is it.  I did all the work...until you break out the kiss candies ;0}  You know it is going to take a while to glue those labels on all the candies...but it will also be a huge hit with the kids!!!

Next, we will be sorting conversation hearts.  I made up these sorting cards using parts of the free kit mentioned below.  I plan to print out 6 and laminate them.  I don't plan to make one for each kindergartner, just enough for one station to use.   I plan to use this with the free printables I found over at PocketFullOfCenters.  If you follow the link, it is the very last option she has there.  It is free.  Did I mention that already???  You do have to sign up for Teachers Pay Teachers in order to get it, but it is totally worth it.

Anyway, we will give each student a box of conversation hearts to open and sort.  I plan to have the Tally sheet ready to do if there is time...or should I do the graph....I really can't decide and will probably keep changing my mind all the way up until Friday.  Ugh.

I also paid $1.50 to the same cute lady and bought her Colorful Hearts book.  
I played with it a bit to make the books quarter sheets instead of half sheets just to save on cost, but..ahem..totally worth paying a teacher $1.50 for such an adorable book.  I plan to cut out heart crayon holders and have the books put together and ready to go.  The kids will have 5-10 minutes to color their books and then move on to the next station.

Free Printable Valentine's Bingo Game
I think we will also play this free Valentine's Bingo game from CrazyLittleProjects.  Again, I will print out 6 cards, laminate, and use this game as one station at the party.  

Here is my dilemma.  We are only going to have four stations...1, 2, 3....4.
I already have four stations...
But I really wanted to make these cute little guys...
Valentine Pom Monsters

Preschool Crafts for Kids*: Valentine's Day Mouse Preschool Craft
These little love mice from EasyPreschoolCraft.

any of the other thousand things I pinned the other day.

Plus, I already bought sprinkles to decorate cookies.  


I guess I will have to make some choices eventually.
Anyway, here are some printables if you want them :0}

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