Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Loven' On The Porch

Well it is about time!  I have had my little love sign on the porch for weeks now and I am just getting it on the blog!!!  

Truthfully, I had to wait until I had my Valentine's Owl done so I could take my snowman down first.  A LOVE sign next to a snowman....Ha!  Disgraceful ;0P

I used four 1x4's to make this shutter-like thingy.  I cut just enough length off the 8 foot boards to have the cross pieces of wood.  I nailed/glued the cross boards on then painted the whole thing white and sanded to rough it up.

The letters were cut out of 1/8" wood.  LuCK coming in a week... I hope.
I drilled a small whole just off center in all of the letters, then nailed small nails into the board.  My plan is to just slip four letter words on and off this board all year...nice four letter words, like LoVE, LuCk...and others.  I am having a brain block  Brain Cloud {Joe vs. the Volcano reference ;0}  This is going to be a very interesting blog post to read!

One Saturday afternoon, Scott and I were gone to a meeting and my kids decided to make a surprise for us.  We came home to dozens of lovely wax paper and crayon hearts hanging all over our front windows.  It was SO SWEET!  Just precious.  My Madison was the pinterest-loving mastermind behind the surprise.  Gosh do I love her XOXO!

They are even in the little window by the door.

And PHOTO BOMB!  That is my boy.  Totally loves to photo bomb.  Maybe if I put them online he will stop doing it ;0}

So my little Valentine's Owl.  I made the pattern for her back about three years.  In fact, my sweet friend Season was over the day I was cutting the pattern out.  I was so embarrassed to show her an owl I was thinking about for a Valentines decoration.  Now that she is gone, I will think of that moment every time I see this little hooter.

Perched atop her lovely little branch she sits.  Love is blooming right beneath her feet.

Originally, I was going to make a really massive heart to put behind her...and I still might...but for now, I really like the hearts just behind her ear.  I like that the hearts balance out the branch of flowers, both because now it hangs evenly, AND because it looks nice to me.

Anyway, I cut this darling little porch lover out of 1/2" mdf.  All of the additives are cut out of 1/8" mdf.  I used to buy the 1/8" mdf from Home Depot in Arizona, but they don't sell it up here.  I did finally find it at Menards.  I like the 1/8" over 1/4", one for the price {cheaper than the 1/4"}, and two, it doesn't stick out quite so far.

So that is it.  My new this year Loven' on the Porch Valentine Decorations.

After a winter like we have had, it is really fun to have something bright and adorable on the porch when you come home from another blustery, dreary, overcast winter day...way, way WAY below zero...again.
The bright colors and cut little owlie face make me smile every time!

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