Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Caker Flashback

Well, I find myself trapped in a virtual abyss, having not one computer at my disposal that is well enough to blog on :-O  Shocking, I know!  What do people like that do when they want to share their latest crafting adventure!?!

I am pushing this machine to it's absolute fullest to show you a few of my past projects since I cannot upload any new photos until I get home.  Today I decided to show you some of my past caker experiences.  I hope you enjoy them! 

Above is my Violin Cake.  I made the main body out of cake, but made the handle from 2x4 lumber.

This Ipad Cake was my very first fondant adventure.
I made this Noah’s Ark Cake for a friend's baby shower.

I made this Tiki Cake tutorial after not finding any ideas from a Google search myself.

This Pirate Ship cake was so very much fun to make.

This was one of the wedding cakes I made this year.  It was probably the biggest I made, next to my own :0)

I made this Baptism Cake for my boy Eli when he turned 8 and chose to be baptized.

I just realized I forgot the Wii cake.  Too bad I can't get any more pics to load :0{
You can click HERE to see it anyway.

As for cupcakes...

This was the first Cupcake Bouquet I ever made.

These Soda *Pop* CupCakes were made using mason jars!  I LOVE cooking in jars!

This was my first CupCake Cake and I made it for my sister Kira's Wedding.  You can find the full post by clicking HERE.

These are my favorite Baby Shower Cakes to make.  I make them any time I am asked to do a Shower Cake.  I love how sweet and simple they are.  They look adorable, break away from the traditional cake, plus make serving much less messy!

I recently posted the Super Mom CupCakes, but loved them so much I thought I would add them to the list.

Don't forget my updated CupCake Bouquet!  I used homemade picks instead of cups as the foundation.  Works great unless your using filled cupcakes.  I would stick to the cup formation if the cupcakes are filled due to the heaviness of the treats :0)

Umm, you may have noticed a slight obsession with Cake Balls/Pops on this blog this year.  Here are some of my favorites.  The Easter Cake Balls turned out especially adorable.

This little guy looks pretty spiffy himself.  You can find my Turkey Cake Balls HERE.

No matter how you look at it, these Ice Cream Cake Balls are my favorite by FAR!!!  They are so adorable, realistic looking, and easy to make look good, ANYONE can make them!!! 

Now for the Fake Cakes!!!
You didn't realize I had such a category, did you???

I made this Topsy Turvy Fake Cake out of Styrofoam, craft paper, and drywall mud.
Looks good enough to eat, don't you think???

I did a Fake Cake Re-Make and used the same cake for a different occasion.

This darling Felt Cake comes complete with tutorial after I searched all over the net for instructions.  I finally made them myself so you don't have to :0)

Let's not forget about the little cakes too!  I made this Fimo Cake after a small obsession with clay food.

I might as well throw in the mix my CupCake Towel Tutorial.  It is still cake, right?

I made these Bake Even Strips to combat a small problem I was having getting my cakes to bake evenly.  Worked like a charm!

These are sooo not cake, but how Cute are THEY!!!  There we go baking in mason jars again!

Now, these are not all the cakes, but a sampling of the things we baked up around the Sew*CakeMaker household this last year.  I hope you enjoy them.  With any luck I will be back with more flashbacks in the near future. 
(Anyone in Utah wanna let me use their computer?  This post's pics were courteous of My Hubbs posting them for me back at home in Arizona :0)

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