Monday, January 7, 2013

Cell Phone Basket

Working with the teenage girls at church has been a total blast.  These girls, ages 12-18, are just so adorable and incredibly well taught by their parents.  It sure makes spending time with them so easy.  We have noticed a couple of girls on their phones during church lessons and activities and wanted a nice way to give the hint that maybe they should put them away.  I searched the web the other day and found this poem.  I modified it a tiny bit and made a printable in case any one else would like a copy.  I have it on a 4x6 sheet, making it the perfect size for a photo, or you can print it on cardstock as a 5x7 or larger.  This file and the modified versions below are available HERE for free from Dropbox.

Have a great day! :0)

1 comment:

  1. Very cute!
    we too have the problem with the phones, and the other night when I asked them to shut them off, most of them responded quickly, but it only took a few minutes before they had them back on again - one gal couldn't even put it in the pocket of her hoodie she was wearing, she had to hold it in her hands the whole night, like she was afraid to be separated from it.


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