Friday, January 25, 2013

Magic In A Hat

I finished!  Do you hear me Ann!  I actually FIniSheD!
This kinda turned into the project that never ended.  I just kept finding more and more parts to add or make.

I made 16 of these Magic Hat center pieces for the Blue and Gold Cub Scout Banquet back there in Arizona where we moved from.

We started with a lot of pieces, and eventually got them all put together.

I threw in the cubes for the photo cubes.  Just in case you don't remember, the printables are shown below or can be downloaded HERE.

Emmers got to be my big helper through the whole project.  She painted and sorted and stacked with the best of them.  The one thing she really wanted to do was swing the hammer and slam some nails.  Sadly, that wish was not fulfilled.

We did play one wild matching game with this pile of wooden playing cards I made :0)  There are only four, the heart, diamond, spade, and club, but it made for a pretty fun game.  I made 16 sets of 4!  Don't ask me WHY I decided to make WOODEN playing cards.  About halfway through I realized it would have been way less work to use REAL playing cards...but then we never would have played our matching game.  {trying to see the bright side :0}

I thought a magic hat and a pile of cards would just not be complete without a magic wand!  That is why I made 16 of those too.  We like to make sure each family goes home with a centerpiece set.  I am so sad not to be there this year to join in the fun, but I am super excited to get these centerpieces there and still be apart of things that way.

OK Ann, it is up to you to take oodles of pictures and give us a detailed description about what all you guys eat and do at your Magical Blue and Gold Banquet!

We will be anxiously waiting to "hare" all about it *Tee-HeE*

I think the fumes from the finishing spray have officially fried my brain.

Anyway, to my cub scouts so many miles away, 
I hope you LOVE them!
And good luck to all you fabulous cub scout leaders out there scrambling to get ready for Blue and Gold Banquet.  It touches my heart to think of all the boys that will benefit from your hard work!
Keep it up!  You do a noble work :0)


  1. Even thousands of miles away you still had to do the blue and gold, Haha, amazing!

  2. Vanessa I will be sure to take lots of pictures. Oh and Season this crazy lady volunteered to do this.

  3. Vanessa- I have a question on your cute you just put random photos of scout activities on 4 sides without your printables? I see there is one side that is of the scout's face (close up) but what goes on the other 3 sides???

    1. I have all of the printables here:

      Basically I leave the bottom blank, add the scout picture and a den picture to two of the blank prints, then use the theme prints and the motto print for the other three sides.

      Down at the bottom of that link I gave you above are some of the other B&G blocks I have done. Feel free to email me or comment on a post if you have any more questions :0}

  4. Sorry, Nikki again...will you email me your reply



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