Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sweater Up-Do

After the craziness of Christmas, over the break I finally broke down and popped out a little sewing project.
It was so fun!  I have missed my sewing machine SOOOOOO much!

So here is the total outfit.  Can I tell you it came from a sweater!
I LOVE IT!  Clothing remodeling is one of my passions I never get around to exploring.

Knowing me, you probably aren't too surprised I totally forgot the before picture :0}
Don't worry.  I reenacted the sweater just for you!
As you can so clearly see from my awesome computer drawing skills, the turtle neck was used to make the hat, the sleeves for the leg warmers, and the bottom of the sweater was used to make the skirt.

I was going to just make a straight skirt, but after looking at how perfect the bottom of the sweater was, I went for a pleated kinda twirl skirt.  It turned out way cuter than I thought half-way through sewing it.  Don't you love those moments of total hesitation and doubt?  It usually hits me half way through when I look down and the ragged mass in my hands and think, "There is no way this is gonna work!"

Basically, I cut an 6" piece for the bottom, then a 6" strip, folded in half and sewn to the bottom piece.  I serged the seams to prevent unraveling, but you can always do a zig-zag stitch over the edge if you don't have a serger.

Meet Charlotte.  She is my little 1yr old niece.  
I think she is totally adorable, however, her modeling skills need improvement :0)

The mess all over my house could use a little work too!

This is Charlotte after I said, "Show me your footsies!"

Don't you just love the leg warmers!?!  I hit one thrift store when they had all of their women's shirts and sweaters for $1.  I bought about 7 to cut the arms off for leg warmers for my Emmers.  This little project has lit a fire in me.  When I finally finish this new clippie order I will have to lock myself in my sewing room for a day or two.

Here is the only picture of Charlotte's face I got that morning.

That is OK though.  This little girl is adorable no matter what side you look at :0}

Baby girl was a lot happier at bedtime the night before when I finished the outfit.  She smiled and worked that outfit!  Funny how happy kids get at bedtime.

So agian, night time....


Kallie, I hope you like this.  She is only going to get a thousand times worse when she is a teenager!

Super fun.  I love me a good clothing remodel!  

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