Saturday, January 5, 2013

Clippie Madness 2013

Here is the first set of clippie samples for 2013!
I have to admit, I TOTALLY dislike coming up with new ideas!
Basically I have to lock myself in a small dark room with an IV of Mountain Dew and chocolate for about a week.  

Here are the clips I came up with during last week's session of insanity.

I make my clippies, otherwise known as hair clips and ponytail holders, out of my endless drawers of stickers, clipart, photos, beads, brads, and charms.  Oh, and I use miniatures when they fit the themes.

I have two customers, both in Oman {country near Saudi Arabia}.  I will tell you, I have come to really be impressed with and Love the people of Oman as I have researched and created for these two ladies.

I make these samples, they ladies tell me which ones they like, and then I produce, usually 8 of each ordered design.  Both ladies have two daughters that wear 4 clips/ponytail holders in their hair at once {two clips up high, two ponytail holders at ponys or braids.

They only want specific themes, so other than the custom requests, I have orders to make school, sports, music, and technology related clips.

Whew!  I think I need a vacation now!  Actually, I really want to spend some time making valentine crafts!!!

After all that black and blue I really need to stare at some pink!

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  1. Vanessa - good job on your designs. How in the world did you get customers in Oman?


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