Wednesday, November 23, 2011

As We Give Thanks

I have been dreaming of making this centerpiece and mini boat place cards for about a month.  I finally got the wood cut on my saw yesterday, then painted and decorated today.  It is just the day before Thanksgiving.  Not last minute or anything :0)

Regardless of my belated intentions, I am THRILLED at how everything turned out.  The wood was a little tricky to cut.  When my wild imaginings worked out, I figured out how to tilt the saw table and transfer the pattern after the first cuts had been made, I was so excited I kept trying to think of who I could call to celebrate with.  Then I realized not one soul on earth would be able to feel my joy at such a strange thing as a pilgrim ship centerpiece, so I gave my kids high fives {that would be low fives for me :0} and went to my chiropractic appointment.

Still thrilled.  I cut the wood-used a 4x6 beam and cut the top of the boat, then re-drew the pattern and shaved off the sides.  I drilled holes for the dowels, then made sails from velum. 

***update***After requests, here are my best guesses at the measurements of this ship.  It didn't fair very well in all our moves since posting this.  I would NOT recommend using velum if you plan to move.  Perhaps a stiff fabric would be a better choice ;0}  Measurements:

The ship is 15" long, cut out of a 4x6 log. It is 4" tall, and 6" wide at it's highest and widest 

parts.  The front dowel is 10" long, 1/2" inside the boat. The back is 8.5" long. The middle

 dowel is  lost in the box somewhere, but I would guess  it being about 12.5" long with 1/2 

inch inside the boat. As far as the sails, I thought I had a  printable on this computer, but I 

can't find  it. It must be on the older one. It isn't hooked up and finding a time my husband

and I are  

 both here is fairly rare, so I will just give you  measurements. Front dowel, bottom sail, 5.5

 across the top, 7.5" across the bottom, and 4.5"  tall. Top sail-5.5" across the bottom, 4" 

 across the top, and 3.2" tall.

Now for the back dowel. Bottom sail- 6.5" across the bottom, 4.75" across the top, and 4" tall.

  Top sail- 4.5" across the bottom, 3.5" across  the top, and 3" tall.

Middle dowel...Bottom Sail-9" across the bottom, 7.25" across the top, 6.5" tall. Top Sail- 

6.5" across the bottom, 4.75" across the top, 4"  tall. 

Those are all educated guesses, but I think they will be fairly close.

I tried to add a little bling with micro beads and Elmer's craft glue.  I think I should have used regular school glue because the craft glue was a little thick.  I didn't get the thin, dainty swirls I was going for, but oh well.  I still like the accent of the beads.

I hot glued the sails in place so they would stay bowed out, then added ribbon to the tops where the flags usually were, and added the pumpkin to the top as the bulb.

I will never claim pro level when it comes to floral arranging.  In fact, I wouldn't get anywhere near it, so I am still a little worried I went a little overboard with the garland, but again, Oh Well!  I like this garland.  It has little pumpkins all over it.  So cute!!!

So I also made place markers for everyone that will be at our Thanksgiving this year.  I printed on the velum, then cut each sail out.  They were decorated, hot glued in place, and then floralled-up just like the big boat.  

I left all the guys sails without beads.  I just couldn't decide if I liked them or not last night, and figured the guys would probably like less decoration if they will even notice the boats, right?

I let Emmalee and Eli paint their boats themselves.  This was one of those "good mom" moments when I let go of my OCD and let them explore their own creative sides :0)  I should get brownie points I think.

I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving Dinner.  Last year we were traveling and ate at 9pm at a casino in Mesquite, NV on our way to see Grandma.  Sniff, sniff.  Thanksgiving is going to be really hard this year for it will be our first in Arizona without at least a quick trip to see my Grandma.  Now there is just this empty space in my heart.
Even still, Thanksgiving is a special holiday for me.  Showing gratitude is not always easy and I love that we have the excuse to show a little feeling.  Sharing what we are grateful for around the Thanksgiving table is something I look forward to and is often a moment in time I think back to when things are hard. 
Happy Thanksgiving and Thank you for taking the time to visit :0)

Many thanks and lots of love,

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  1. These are adorable. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your time with family!


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