Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Clippies Are Ba-ack!

Oh My GoOOosH!  I could not be happier to announce that 
I HAVE FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My HUGE order of clippies is finished...ARE YOU DOING THE HAPPY DANCE?!?  
I sure am.

I sent some images, to my customer, to give her options for charms.  She bought like all of them :0)
I hand traced then cut out each piece on my scroll saw.  Then I sanded, base painted and sanded each piece. 
After that, I lightly sanded and re-traced the image on the wooden charms all over again.  Are you getting the play-by-play emphasis here.  I don't want to have anyone escape this post without knowing in the truest sense how crazy in the head I have been the last two months since recovering 
Next was to base paint each piece in all the different colors, some requiring the smallest of paintbrushes.
The next steps were to shade the charms to give them depth, line each piece with a fine tipped sharpie to emphasize the designs, and almost lastly, make a million tiny toothpicks into paintbrushes, pencils, and chalk.

Once all the tiny add-ons were painted, they were glued in place, then the entire charm...each charm...was hand coated-TWICE- with polyurethane for durability. 
Done at last?!? 
Next step, the felt backing.  I cut and cut and cut (luckily not by hand) on my die cut machine 600 scalloped circles and ovals.  They were all glued together, then the charms were glued on top. 
Done now?!?  Nope.  
Lined alligator clips and ponytail holders were attached, each item was inspected for hot glue stringers, then they were all boarded for these photos and eventually, shipping.
I know you wanted to get the full effect of the charms so I decided to show you all of them...

And still more... 

Not done yet... 

Where is the Kleenex?  I can't believe it is over! 
These are tears of joy ladies and gentlemen, tears of joy.

Whew!  Enough said :0)
p.s a special thank you to any and all that contributed to the completion of this order
-from me and my terribly abandoned family, from the very bottom of our hearts!!!


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