Monday, December 6, 2010

And The Winners Are...

Here are the lucky winners of today's
200 Follower Giveaway at
The Sew*er, The Caker, the CopyCat Maker!!!
The prizes will be first come first serve.  Email me at to tell me your top two picks if you didn't mention them in your comment.

I look forward to hearing from our winners.  I will email you personally to make sure you know, but if I don't hear back in 48 hours, you will kindly donate your prize to a crafter in need :0)
(I still have Super Saturday projects at my house waiting to be picked up. 
I do not plan to add to the pile of unclaimed goods)

If you didn't win, keep coming back!  I have tons more craften-kraziness up my sleeve, and a few more things to give away.To all you wonderful people that stop by when you can and support me in my craft addiction, Thank You!!!  It is so fun to share the madness I am involved in day to day, and even more fun when you share your comments with me.

Up for tomorrow, a musical cake!  I am totally excited for this one!!!
See you then! and
Thanks for Reading!!!


  1. yay thank you!! and congrats again on 200, you deserve it!

  2. Did you say a Musical cake? Looking forward to that one? ;)


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