Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cake Pop Ice Cream Cones

So inspired by my Cake Pop Book, by Bakerella, I had to make these little darlings to try a few things out.

I was planning on making them to take along when I visited a friend yesterday, but rather like myself, couldn't get to it til 30 min. before I had to leave.  Rather than not take anything at all, I set the timer and began!

Here is the speed version to give you a clue of how easy these are that you can do a set from start to finish in 25 min. with 5 minutes left over to get Emmalee in the car :0)

Dump a whole 9x13 cake into a large bowl, whole-not crumbled, dump in a can of frosting, use a HAND MIXER to mix it up, ball dough with a 1TBS cookie dough baller (I only did about 15 then put the rest asside for Madison to finish for me while I was gone-I'm such a good mom :0).  Hand roll those balls into tight balls, throw in the freezer. Grab some cones, use serrated knife to saw off the bottoms, chop up almond bark, melt in microwave, stir in candy coloring, and grab cake balls out of freezer. Dip top of cone in almond bark, stick cake ball to top, do that 7 more times, throw assembled cones in the freezer again.

It was at that point I realized we would need some place to put the cones once they had been dipped. Finally I grabbed a jello box, pulled the bag out of the inside and hot glued the box shut again. I used a pair of scissors to stab little X's where I planned to place the cones. A little wrapping paper, hot glue it shut, grab the scissors and poke the X's through the wrapping paper...Now we are ready to dip!

According to my CAKE POP BOOK, you dip, then turn the ice cream cone until the chocolate isn't so runny, tapping in the side of the bowl, and clean up any messiness with a toothpick. Worked like a charm!

These little beauties, made 8 of them myself...uhem...Oh yeah...with the help of Madison, in 25 minutes! Just so you know, for my husband's benefit, they are not regular cone sized cones. They are about 2 1/2-3" tall. So mini and cute!

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