Thursday, December 2, 2010

Puppet Surprise!

Apparently I don't volunteer for enough projects so Madison volunteered for this one for me :0)  She sat in on a meeting with the girls from her church class.  They decided to make gifts for all the babies in Nursery.  There are nearly 60 kids ages 18mo-3yrs in our 3 nursery classes.  The vote was to make puppets for all!
My dear daughter, apparently baring the same genetic abnormality which makes it impossible to turn down the chance to volunteer, offered to assemble all of the puppets.  I am sure she imagined sitting at the sewing machine and doing it all herself, but failed to realize that I refuse to let her use the machine unattended.  My sewing machine is on it's last leg and can't afford a 12year old's kick right now.  Now with Christmas skirts to make!!!

These babies were my Tuesday night 2am project.  I made 40 or so snowmen and 20 or so gingerbread puppets.  I traced the guys on sheets of felt, sewed them while still in sheet formation, then cut out with my pinking rotary cutter! Honestly, the tracing took the longest, about an hour. The sewing was only 30-40 min, the cutting about the same. Not too long for presents for 60!  We decorated a sample of each, then let the girls go!  I opted for black beans for the eyes and such.  I figure most things will be pulled off the puppets and eaten, so why not make it food to begin with.  I do admit the buttons won't be totally edible so the parents will have to make the call whether their toddler can handle them.  I am just the slave labor :0)  Besides, I can't tell you how many pennies went through and were found in the diapers of my 5 younger siblings :0)  GRosS!  And all lived through the toddler years.

Here is Madison, showing off all those lovely gingerbread puppets.

Here are two of the girls finishing up the darling snowmen.

Costs-felt/thread-$6, puff paint-$3, buttons/beans/scraps of fabric for noses and scarves-mine(maybe a total of $2), rickrack-$2
Grand total= $13  That is $.22 each!!!

How is that for an affordable gift!


  1. I am SO in LOVE with Ginger's, especially at Christmas! What a fantastic idea you guys have come up with! I know my Teacher friends will just fall in love with this easy, cute,quick and cheap project! I'd make this for my PreK kiddo's, if I was still teaching! :)
    I am going to share you and your idea with them on my FB page! Here is the link if you would like to pop over and say Hello or just check it out!


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