Friday, December 17, 2010

For the Best Teacher I "Snow"

By now you know that I over-book myself so detrimentally that I have no choice but do things as needed, and inevitably, just before they are needed :0)  No time for procrastination. 
With one day of school left before Christmas Break, I put this guy together after bunco last night.  It didn't take long.  I had the wood cut, holes drilled, and the whole thing painted.  All that was left was to put this snowy guy together.

I went with drilling holes and wiring my wooden snowballs together rather than glue.  I was sure the glue wouldn't hold and Mr. Snowman would come to pieces if dropped.  By the way, this is the only way to build a snowman in Phoenix.  I don't think Emmalee has ever seen snow :0)

I gave up on blushing cheeks with paint years ago.  I use REAL BLUSH!!!  Sometimes I use an applicator, a regular one you would use on your own face, sometimes I just use my finger.  Load up whatever you are using, and rub it on.  I start in the center and work my way out, blending it in as I go.  You can use spray varnish, but I have even used brush-on varnish and the blush stays in place.  I have even skipped the varnish all together and not had a problem with the blush coming off. 

The eyes were made by dabbing the end of a brush in paint then dabbing the painted brush end on the head.  I used a  fine tipped sharpie for the eyebrows and a regular sharpie for the mouth.   

Once all the appendages were glued in place we had quite a handsome fellow!  I decided to cut out arms since we don't have normal trees here in Arizona either.  The branches are green.  Green arms for my snowman???  I don't think so!

We included a card that said, "For the Best Teacher I "Snow"".
And she is fabulous!  She deserves a million dollars with all she puts up with in the classroom.  
 I hope she likes my snowman.  I don't have a million dollars :0) 


  1. WOW!!!Vanessa you are amazing!! The snowman looks fantastic:)

  2. She will LOVE her snowman. I love it! Cute, cute!!!

  3. Your Snowman is adorable!!!

  4. Ha ha. You and your snowman are both cute.


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