Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Maken' Flakes

3D Snowflakes!!!
How gorgeous are these!  Now this is a CopyCat to the mega-th degree.  Not only did I not invent them, I did not even make them. 
My darling friend Deb made them and had them hanging in her beautifully decorated home Christmas Eve.  We were invited over for the best Christmas Eve dinner I have ever had (sorry Grandma :0)
Deb's hubby is a professional chef and made ham, prime rib, and my personal favorite-LAMB (luckily I took a bit before I asked what it was-once I tasted it there was no stopping :0)

Once we finished with dinner *ug-STUFFED*
Deb's daughter showed Madison how to make them while I chased Emmalee away from the bunny's food outside :0) 

Apparently you can just google "3D snowflakes" and get a whole host of tutorials.  This was the first I found at WikiHow.  It had so many photos I didn't bother looking further.   

While I didn't make these, I think if a couple of kids can do such a LOVELY job, you and I should give it a try :0) 

Wouldn't they be perfect in a classroom all across the ceiling, or maybe at your New Years Eve party?  I am going to make them for my archway from the living room and leave them up all of January.  It will be the most snow Phoenix has seen in years :0)


  1. Those are pretty cute. I made some last year. We like to use crinkle cut scissors to give them a little more personality. I had them hanging from the ceiling in my office. :)

  2. WOW... I am speechless! Your talents are so amazing! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog today! I'm your newest follower! Vicki


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