Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Competitive Figure RollerSkating Clippies

Many months ago my sweet friend Christina asked if I would make some clippies.  They were for the girls on her son's competitive figure rollerskating team.  Because I am a good person, I finished them this weekend despite the fact that Christina now has a cooler birdhouse than I do on the Facebook game Fluffy :0P

The team's colors are...can you guess...yep!  Black and Gold. 
Here are the final results...
Some basic skates straight on clips

Both figure silhouettes and skates mounted on scalloped felt shapes

Same shapes, different sizes mounted on the felt with a little added fru-fru

And these babies that were a little over the top.  I have seen some really embellished clips lately and wanted to try a few of my own.  These clips are laden with rolled flowers, rosettes, pearls, tulle, and who knows what else.  I really love em!  They are a little bigger so I was sure to use the alligator clips that have teeth-that should hold them in the hair better.

Last but not least, the flower clips.  

I am so very embarrassed that it took me so very long to get these finished, but Christina waited so very patiently, never once screaming at me in the halls at church or egging my house.  I thank her for that :0)

I have thought these clips would be fabulous for cheerleading squads or just about any girl's sport.  Soccer is my personal favorite.  I can totally see the little silhouette girlies kicking soccer balls instead of wearing skates, but we will save that project for another day  :0)

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