Saturday, May 28, 2011

Super Mom CupCake Cake

Today I made a Super Mom CupCake Cake for a friend/customer of mine.  The cake was for her sister's birthday.  She said that her sister is Super Mom.  She is always taking care of her family and running her kids here and there.  That was what inspired the minivan and car keys at the top of the cake.  I added a super hero  cape to the van to give her credit for her super driving since that is where us Super Mom's spend our time when we are not cooking, cleaning, etc. :0)  The Mom sign was cut out of wood and layered together.

Again, I used my cupcake stand with new ribbon to match the cake, everything else the same.  Talk about versatile! I have a tutorial on how to make your own HERE.

Here is a back shot of the minivan's cape :0)

She wanted two cupcake flavors.  I made the Strawberry Jello cupcake I made last week.  You can check that post out if you want to hear how to make them or get the frosting recipe.  It is worth the click!!!

Here is a closer look at a couple of the custom toppers I made to show off some of our Super Mom's special skills... 
Cookie sheet for all the baking and dinners...

A little iron.  I should have gotten a shot from the other side.  I poked holes in the face to make it realistic :0)  The iron represents all the ironing, laundry and general clothing care Super Mom's do daily.  Frankly I am overwhelmed at the thought of the huge pile waiting for me when I finish this post...

Ballet slippers (even though they look more like mice than slippers-it was late when I made these last night :0) for all the dance practices and recitals girls are run to, all the time sitting in the car or the waiting room for those practices to get over, and even all the dress-up clothes picked up off the floor day after day for years!

Mop and sud bucket for all the cleaning, spill removal, mad-dash unexpected in-law visit cleaning, and those muddy footprints scrubbed off the floor stretching from the sliding glass door all the way to the upstairs bathroom :0)

And let's not forget the sporting events, practices and games out in the hot sun, hours trying on new soccer cleats at the shoe store and the even more hours hunting for those soccer cleats moments before games, orange slices cut and shared, certificates and trophies proudly displayed where Mom's favorite nick-nacks used to be.  

Aren't Super Mom's GREAT!

Here are some of the other fondant shapes I did to fill up the other cupcakes.  Again, I set aside a certain amount of time and did what I could in the time I gave myself.  I made a couple Super Mom signs, some *BAM* stars and Super Mom Capes.  

Now, I need to make special mention of the chocolate frosting I made today.  
It is the very same cream cheese pudding stuff I did for the white, I just made a few minor substitutions.  Instead of white chocolate chips, I used milk chocolate.  Instead of vanilla or cheesecake pudding, I used chocolate.  It is LOVELY!  This frosting is light and fluffy.  There is no powdered sugar so it is not that horribly sweet, sticky stuff you end up with so often.  You can find the recipe Here for the vanilla frosting and then just make those substitutions.  The picture above is after all the chocolate has melted and you beat it with the mixer to activate the pudding. 

This is what it looks like after you add the Cool Whip.  I have to say it tastes just like Chocolate Moose.  Well, at least that is what I think Moose tastes like.  I have only had that little Chocolate Moose Shooter at Applebees and it tasted just like this :0)  Give it a try yourself! 

So, Happy Birthday Super Mom!
I hope you enjoy your cake :0)

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