Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Little Busy

Well, we have had a little CakePop Stand explosion in Sew*CakeMaker land lately.  These are just the orders I finished today.  I mailed enough boxes yesterday to jam up the box at the Post Office, and have about the same for tomorrow.  What is inside...

I have had some crazy colors ordered.  It has actually been kind of fun to make all these stands.  I have had the chance to play around with my new drill press.  A couple of the custom requests have sent me for a loop, but I think I finally have my basic measurements figured out.  I plan on a little CakePop Stand tutorial to give you those exact measurements, but I am struggling to keep my eyes open right now.  I will save that for another day.
I will show you the other playing around that went down here today...
This was the start of my surfboard step stool.  Since Emmalee has potty trained I spend a HUGE amount of time in the bathroom.  I am SO glad I painted in there!  I would be going out of my mind with all the time I spend staring at the walls.  I am sure I am some ungrateful monster or something, but I (hushed tones) wish we could go back to diapers :0O  There, I said it!  I am sorry but it is WAY more hassle to run to the bathroom 6 times every hour than to change the diaper as needed.

OK, now that I got that off my chest, I decided to make another step stool because Emmers has to move the one stool we have to the toilette to go potty, then back to the sink to wash her tiny little hands...6 times an hour!  I think I will take one very annoying step out of the process we repeat so frequently and get this stool made.  

This is as far as I got today.  I am trying a new technique called Intarsia.  Essentially, you cut the defining lines of a picture out on the scroll saw, then painstakingly sand each and every edge to a smooth, rounded polish and then put it back together.  Usually you will see this stained different colors, or even each piece cut out of a different kind of wood so you get different shades and colors.  I am not into stained wood, Soooo I'm gonna' paint it!  Now, knowing myself, I will probably get the surfboard all sanded and ready to paint and then spend a month or two deciding on paint colors.  Ah!  I hope not!  I am really getting tired of moving that darn Ikea step stool in the bathroom!!!

I will be back to show you this and other fabulous projects once I have had some sleep.  Also coming up this weekend, a SuperMom cake.  Hmmm.  Still thinking on that one, but I am sure I can come up with something :0)

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