Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Phoenix Zoo Monkeys

Emmalee and I got to add ourselves to the monkey population at the Phoenix Zoo this week.  We were invited to tag along with Ashley, from Cute As A Fox Creations,  and her two cuties.   

Check out this splash pad!  It comes complete with waterfall!  Cute little Morgan looks excited to give the waterfall a try :0)

I guess I should mention that we got to the splash pad around 8:30am.  It was a little cold, even for Phoenix :0)  This was the point we decided to dry off and see some animals.

I snapped this photo of the sleeping monkey with my big lens.  I have had a lot of fun trying to figure my camera out.  I am certainly not a pro, but the animals and crazy kids at the zoo were the perfect practice for me.  Just to bore you to death, here are some more :0)

This is Emmalee with her claws out to scare the bear.  She has seen a little too much Dora and Diego.  She kept telling the kids to growl like a bear to wake him up and Morgan kept telling her it wasn't working.  You know, in her defense, it always works for Dora :0)

This bird was so very ugly and so very pretty all at the same time I just had to take the picture!  I am still trying to get aperture and exposure compensation down, especially for outside photos.  I think it might be time to take a class.  I am having that feeling like I have figured out all I am going to figure out on my own.  It's time for some professional help!

Remember that embarrassing post about me in my neighbor's yard taking a photo of their pet rabbit, stupidly thinking it was a jackalope?  Well, this really is one :0)  Now it isn't my fault if you end up in your neighbor's yard taking a picture of their pet rabbit.  I have shown you what they really look like!

The splash pad was our main destination, but we were able to both see and act like wild animals the whole visit.  It really was fun.  Emmalee loved to play with new kids, I loved to play with a kid my same age :0) and with my new camera.  Thanks for the invite Ashley!

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